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 Uğurkan Erez, the best choreographer of Turkey, is one of the indispensable choreographers of important organizations such as Best Model, Miss Turkey, Elite Model Look and has brought many models to the fashion world.

He always has her signature at all major organizations, fashion shows, fashion shows in the last decade.

It is a brand that has been grown in the light of Erkan Özerman, Özcan Sandikçıoğlu and Başak Gürsoy with respect for the great masters with the accumulation of twenty years.

He is the constant choreographer of very important organizations such as Best Model, Miss Turkey, Elite Model Look.

He is a devoted country lover who has proven his life that the introduction of the “Turkish brand” to the whole world, his model, fashion designer, company has no shortcomings, even and even has pros, is a devotee of his work.

He is a fashion worker who planted the flag at the premiere of the CPD Fashion Fair.

He is a true professional who is at peace with all the big companies and fashion designers, embraces them all, does not make privileges.

He is an artist who engraves in everyone's minds that fashion shows are not just exhibitions on the catwalk, there is dancing in them, there is theater, there is sharing, friendship and mathematics, there is art as a whole.

She is a teacher who has brought stars to the fashion world in all generations and created national mannequins.

Uğurkan Erez Biography - Age

Ugurkan Erez, a choreographer and fashion designer, opened his eyes to life in Kırklareli's district of Vize on August 24, 1954.

The youngest member of a family of five, Erez's parents were teachers. he lost his father at the age of 21.

Her mother's name is Zekiye Adalet Erez and her father's name is Nüzhet Erez. He has an older brother and an older sister.

He lived in Kırklareli until she was 6 years old because her mother worked at Atatürk Primary School.

After the death of his father, they moved to Istanbul.

Successful fashionista studied at Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha Primary School, Kadıköy Kemal Atatürk Secondary School, and Fenerbahce High School, respectively, her primary school was Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha Middle School.

Erez, who was also successful in his school life, studied at the university at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Şişli Academy of Commercial Sciences.

He graduated from this school in 1975. After his undergraduate studies, he went to the Netherlands-Amsterdam to do his economics internship.

After returning, he worked in the accounting department at Beymen, a textile company in Kadıköy.

After doing this job for a while, he did his military service.

After returning from the military, he got a job as an accounting chief at Philips, a technology giant.

After his job here, he went to Libya, working in the export field in Suzer.

After his arrival from Libya, he taught English for 8 months at Kadıköy Commercial High School.

Ugurkan Erez, who has always had fashion in his mind, decided to open an agency and took the first step into the magical world of fashion.

He has signed up for many big shows.

“Will You Dance with Grumpy? She also winked at the television world by becoming a jury member in competitions such as ” " and "What I Wear Today"".

and in 2008, he suffered an unfortunate illness.

Erez, who has lung cancer, got rid of this disease thanks to early detection and regained his health.

in 2014, she again took the jury seat in “This Style is Mine”, a television competition.

in 2016, she took part as a jury in the contest ”Here's My Style is Celebrities".

The successful fashionista is now a jury member in the Doya Doya Moda competition broadcast on TV8 screens.

Where is He originally From? Is He Married? The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

Ugurkan Erez was married to an architect, but divorced in 1990. From this marriage, she has a daughter named Billur Erez, born in 1981, who is also a fashion designer like herself.

He is originally from Istanbul. He is from the sign of Virgo. he is 1.66 cm tall and weighs 65 kilograms. Ugurkan Erez, who uses Instagram on social media, has 270,000 followers at the time of this article. Instagram address ugurkanerezofficial


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