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Uğur Bilgin Biography - Age

Uğur Bilgin (born July 24, 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish TV, film and theater actor. Uğur Bilgin, originally from Rizeli, was born in Istanbul to a retired father from the State Railways and a housewife mother. Bilgin, who joined the Theater Department during his education at Yıldız Technical University, wanted to study theater, but because his family did not allow him to, when he finished school, he entered the Acting Department of September 9 University and successfully graduated from there. Here he was classmates with Onur Buldu.

The actor took part in the TV series Aşağı Yukarı Yemişliler, organized by BKM, and also starred in the motion picture Kağıt under the direction of Sinan Çetin. In addition to this, Uğur Bilgin, who also took part in the show program Güldür Güldür, which turns all kinds of topics in daily life into comedy, has performed with very successful names such as Ali Sunal, Doğa Rutkay, Alper Kul, Özge Borak, Aylin Kontente.

Adapted from Yılmaz Aslantürk's Otisabi comic book and “Otisabi” series in 2013, the cast first started shooting with a cast starring Uğur Bilgin, then the cast was changed and the film was shot with a cast starring Tim Seyfi. There are actors such as Ali Erkazan, Atilla Pekdemir, Özgür Emre Yıldırım in the cast of the film. The series played as 13 episodes of 13 minutes on the screens of ”Cinema TV". January 16 2016 vision into “Dedemin Fişi” plug comedy in the movie Özge Borak, Alper Kul, Doga Rutkay, Irem Sak, Ali Sunal, Erdem Yener, Onur Atilla, Şükran Ovalı, Meltem Yilmazkaya, Özlem Tokaslan, Ayşen Gruda ve Zeynep Kankonde while taking this role, Uğur Bilgin is also in this movie played.

Is he married, does he have a girlfriend? Height Weight Sign

That's the sign of Leo. he is 184 cm tall and weighs 77 kilograms. It is curious whether he has a lover or a wife, but there is no known relationship. At the time of this writing, there are 135,000 followers on the blue click Instagram account. Instagram address ugurbilgin


Boynu Bükükler (2014) - Müfettiş
Otisabi (2013) - Otisabi
Güldür Güldür (2013-günümüz) - Mesut
Aşağı Yukarı Yemişlililer (2011) - Hayri
Arka Sıradakiler (4. sezon; 2010)
Benim Annem Bir Melek (64. bölüm, 2010)
Avrupa Yakası (117, 181. bölüm, 2007, 2009)


Bayi Toplantısı (2020)
Organize İşler 2: Sazan Sarmalı (2019)
Cici Babam (2018)
Kolonya Cumhuriyeti (2017)
Yok Artık 2 (2016)
Dedemin Fişi (2016)
Böcek (2014)
Kağıt (2010) - Zeki
Plajda (2008)
Organize İşler (2005)


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