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Reynmen, also known by his birth name Yusuf Aktaş, is a Turkish vlogger, internet celebrity and singer.

He was born on December 6, 1995 in Istanbul, Bağcılar. He also has an older sister and a brother. His mother is Nasibe Yılmaz Aktaş, his father is Rahmi Aktaş. he is 1.78 tall, weighs 83 kilograms. That's the sign of Sagittarius.

He became known for his videos that he shared on Scorp and YouTube. Aktaş's YouTube channel has the 22nd most subscribers according to August 2022 data. It is a Turkish YouTube channel. Reynmen, who previously produced entertainment and life-related content on his YouTube channel, then started sharing videos with music content.

He opened his YouTube channel on Jan. 12, 2016. At the time of this writing, there are 6 million 300 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel. The total number of views of his videos is 1.562.896.824. In addition, he is also followed by a large audience on Instagram. He has 7 million 100 thousand followers on his blue click Instagram account. He has 57,900 followers on his Twitter account and 1 million 100 thousand followers on his TikTok account. In addition, there are many fan accounts opened on behalf of different platforms on social media.

Where is Reynmen From?

Yusuf Aktaş's father, who is originally from Sivas, is an Azerbaijani immigrant. While he was studying at Ahmet Kabakli Primary School, he was transferred to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Primary School and completed his primary education there. Later, he was enrolled in Bahçeşehir ISE Anatolian Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. However, he transferred to Başakşehir High School before graduating from there and finally left there and completed high school from open education. Aktaş worked as a fruit and vegetable trader and marketeer with his father before he became known. Aktaş, who received a Radio and Television Programming degree from Istanbul Aydın University, then switched and is currently studying Radio and Television Programming at Nişantaşı University.

Aktaş was among the most followed names in social media at one moment with the videos he took on the video sharing and live broadcasting application called Scorp. Dec.

Later, Aktaş shifted his platform to YouTube and released a song called #Biziz with fenomenc Berkcan Güven. He made a video called “Enes Batur’u aradım” dedicated to the mention of his own name in Enes Batur's diss song “YouTuberların Düşüşü” and gained about 400,000 subscribers. However, he later removed this video.

Together with Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir, she sang the song Sie Liegt in Meinen Armen and won great acclaim. in 2018, she met with one of the best actors in the world, Dwayne Johnson. Dec.

In January 2019, he made a big impression throughout Turkey with the song “Derdim Olsun”. he broke the record for the most viewed video in 24 hours. Later, in the summer of 2019, she became one of the most watched videos in Turkey with her music video “Ela”. Dec.

Reynmen founded the music company he named Houze Istanbul in 2019. He also released his latest EP RNBESK through this company. Of the tracks on the EP, “Hevesim Yok”, “Yoksun Başımda”, “Radyoda Neşet” and “Dolunay” were released without clips, and the track “Leila” was released as a video clip. Within the structure of Houze Istanbul, Yusuf Aktaş's assistant Burak Koşar, who provides corporate communications, and Oğulcan Nihat, who is the music director of the company, are present. The company's head office is located in Istanbul.

The fact that the track “Ela”, which Aktaş published in 2019, has more likes than the number of views on YouTube, was criticized by Işın Karaca and Aktaş was accused of manipulating the YouTube system. Aktaş then said, "It's nice to be ignorant, you know everything. No, I'm sorry, he believed what he said. He wrote his vulgar English and made me believe, it's a pity, sin, or God bless you,” he commented, and in response to a question asked on his Instagram account, he made a reference to Karaca containing blasphemy, without giving his name. Demet Akalın also liked a share claiming that there is a fraud related to the number of views.

"Aleyna Tilki“ criticized Aktaş's claim that ”he was the first Turk to sit at number one on the world music chart". Tilki, shared a tweet showing that his own song ”Nasılsın Aşkta“ was on the first place of the world music chart and made statements about Aktaş ”Çomar Show“ and ”You can't go deep".

In a video taken by Aktaş in Ramadan 2019, his recitation of the call to prayer against people waiting for the iftar hour and then laughing against people who believe in it attracted a reaction on social media and was criticized by various people.

In the television program called Söylemezsem Olmaz, the subject was discussed by theologian Arif Arslan. Arslan said, ”Does he have no parents, did this child come out of a stone hole," and reacted to the images. Arslan also commented on Aktaş's claim that he had mocked the adhan, “He has left the religion, he needs to repent”. Upon these comments, Aktaş made a statement on the social media accounts of the hosts of his program, “I will ask for his account in the court in the heaviest way”.


RnBesk (2020)


"Biziz" (ft. Lil Bege) (2017)
"Yeniden" (ft. Nelon) (2017)
"Voyovoy" (ft. Veysel Zaloğlu) (2017)
"Toz Duman" (ft. Eypio) (2018)
"Derdim Olsun" (2019)
"Sen Aldırma" (ft. Bilal Sonses) (2019)
"Ela" (2019)
"Kaçamak" (ft. Ufo361) (2020)
"Aykız" (Remix) (2020)
"Az Sevdim" (ft. Özkan Meydan, Alican Özbuğutu) (2020)
"Melek" (2020)
"Bonita" (Sefo ile) (2021)
"Yalan" (Zeynep Bastık, Arem Özgüç and Arman Aydın) (2021)
"Pare" (2021)


2019 - Turkish Youth Awards / Best Instagrammer & Youtuber / Reynmen
2019 - INFLOW Awards Awards / Best Instagram Influencer / Reynmen
2019 - Fizy Music Awards / Most Listened Song / "Derdim Olsun"
2019 - Most Viewed Video / "Derdim Olsun"
2020 - Golden Butterfly Awards / Song of the Year / "Ela"

Instagram: reynmen

YouTube: Reynmen

Twitter: akareynmen

TikTok: @reynmen


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