Nuray Hüseynova Biography - Arka Sokaklar Amina

 Nuray Huseynova (Shahmira Nuray Huseynova) is an actress who gives life to the character of Amina in the TV series Arka Sokaklar. She has previously played the character Aynur in the series Yemin. Özlem Duran is a management agency player. 

Nuray Hüseynova, who received training in front of the camera acting, body language, diction and theater, graduated from the Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy department of Istanbul University in 2011 and the International Relations department of Anadolu University in 2015. She also graduated from the Aviation Academy. She worked for a while as a Sales and Marketing Manager in a company in the private sector. She also taught Yoga for a while. She continues his life in Istanbul. She is originally from Azerbaijan. She uses Facebook and Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he has 2,346 followers on his Instagram account. It is expected that this number will increase as the number of episodes in the Arka Sokaklar series increases. Nuray Huseynova, who is from the sign of Gemini and was born on June 10, it is not known how old she is, as the exact year of birth is not yet known. Although his height and weight are curious, this information is also unknown. It is also curious if she has a boyfriend, but since she is a new actress, there is not much information about her. More detailed information will surely appear in the coming times. Instagram address

She introduced himself on his Linkedin profile with the following sentences; Throughout my life I tried to have a versatile work experience , to form myself as a person

and to achieve great success in his career. I did it !

It's like in school how to learn all subjects in a good . I will write here short , recent

experience of my work, professional knowledge and skills , as well as expectations of further

progress are in the field of active direct sales and work with customers (both on the

performing and at the administrative level).

briefly I can say that I worked as a flight attendant ,and as you know flight attendants are

required to know all skills of all professions , as on Board people hope to you in all .

my passion for flying is so great that I sometimes think I can't breathe without flying.

In my spare time, I like to volunteer as an interpreter from English to Azerbaijani, Russian,

and Turkish.

When I started to work in the tobacco sector, the sale rate of the holding in the market was

0,06%. But 28 of the 33 projects I presented were very successful and we increased the sales

with our team . The projects I offered increased the sales ratio and kept the market's large

segment .

The reason why sales in the market is 25% is because it is the result of the projects I offered.

I was awarded the holding's Outstanding Project Manager award.

I'd be happy to meet ( or online ) and as part of the interview to answer all your questions

some more about your experience and possible potential.

Thank You in advance for the attention paid to my candidature time.

Thank you for your attentions.


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