How old is MasterChef Burak Revanbahş? Job

 Who is MasterChef Turkey 2022 contestant Burak Revanbahş? How old is he? Profession, what does he do? Where did he work? A graduate of what? Instagram address. An article containing information about.

Burak Revanbahş participated in the MasterChef Turkey 2022 competition from Istanbul, saying: ‘winners do not make excuses, I came to win, not to make excuses’.

He believes that he will be able to realize his dreams after leaving MasterChef.

He is 26 years old and has been cooking professionally for 4 years.

He has been in the food sector for 11 years with her internships.

He studied high school at Etiler Hotel Management Tourism Vocational High School.

He graduated from Yeditepe University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department in 2018.

He is currently continuing his postgraduate studies at the same university.

In the first qualifying round, he presented the sea bass dish with sweet potato puree and orange sauce to the appreciation of the chefs. After the tasting, Mehmet şef gave him a ’no' vote. When the other juries voted 'yes', he took two yes and put on the white coat and put his name on the second round.

Who is Burak Revanbahş?

Burak Revanbahş described himself in his Linkedin profile with the following words;

I graduated from Yeditepe University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in the summer of 2018. I am currently continuing my studies at Yeditepe University in the MBA department. As compulsory internships in my high school and university, except for 4, I worked in kitchens for 2 summer semesters in order to improve myself, I started my professional life at the Ritz Carlton and worked at the Big Club, Mörfi Restaurant, Grouper Bodrum, Spago and Marriot Asia, respectively. I have worked in all areas of the kitchen and I enjoy the hot or cold part of the restaurant the most. I am developing my career with my master's degree.

The successful contestant uses Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he has 832 followers on his account.

Instagram Address burakrevanbahs


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