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 Who is Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu, where is she from, how old is she? Series and films in which she starred. Height, weight and zodiac sign. Twitter and Instagram address. Biography article containing information about his life. Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, who is Elmas? His real name.

Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu Biography - Age

Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu is a theater, TV series and film actress. He was born on April 26, 1959 in Ankara.

She spent his childhood and a long period of his life in Ankara. at the age of 14, he entered the Theater Department of the Ankara State Conservatory as a student, graduated from the higher theater department. She started to work as an artist of the Ankara State Theater. She received the Ankara Art Theater Best Actress Award. The actor, who has appeared in many games, has also worked as a voice actor in various films and TV series.

Kocan Kadar Konuş: Diriliş, Sümela’nın Şifresi Temel, Aşkın İkinci Yarısı are some of the films she has starred in.Yasak Elma, Bozkır Arslanı Celaleddin, Anne, Kalbim Yangın Yeri, Bugünün Saraylısı, Mazi Kalbimde Yaradır, Sır Gibi, Benden Baba Olmaz are some of the series she played. She played the character of Elmas in the latest ATV series, Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam. Icon Talent continues to take part in new projects as a manager.

Is he married? From where? Sign Height Weight

Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu was appointed to the Istanbul State Theater in 2002. She continues his profession and life in Istanbul. she married Tarik Ünlüoğlu, with whom she has lived together for 25 years since 1988, on February 14, 2013 in Berlin. His wife passed away in 2019.

The famous actress, who is originally from Ankara, is from the sign of Taurus. 170 cm. she is tall and weighs 56 kilograms. She uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, she has 3,834 followers on his Twitter account and 172,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Twitter address gulenaykalkan Instagram address gulenaykalkan

Series And Films In Which He Starred

1991 - Suyun Öte Yanı / Movie
2002 - Herşey Aşk İçin / Tv Series
2003 - Estağfurullah Yokuşu /Günseli / Tv Series
2004 - Ağa Kızı / Tv Series
2005 - Gümüş / Tv Series
2007 - Benden Baba Olmaz / Suzan / Tv Series
2007 - Sır Gibi / Nevra / Tv Series
2009 - Aşkın İkinci Yarısı / Movie
2011 - Mazi Kalbimde Yaradır / Suzan / Tv Series
2011 - Sümelanın Şifresi: Temel / Asiye / Movie
2013 - 2014 - Bugünün Saraylısı / Rezzan Ataman /  Tv Series
2015 - Kocan Kadar Konuş / Gönül / Movie
2015 - Kocan Kadar Konuş: Diriliş / Gönül / Movie
2016 - Kalbim Yangın Yeri / Tv Series
2016 - Anne / Cahide Güneş / Tv Series
2020-2021 - Yasak Elma / Feride Taşkın / Tv Series
2021 - Mendirman Celaleddin / Türkan Hatun / Türk-Özbek Tv Series
2022 - Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam / Elmas / Tv Series

Some Theater Plays in Which He Starred 

Orta Oyunu: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Gözlerimi Kaparım Vazifemi Yaparım: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Bütün Oğullarım: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ana Hanım Kız Hanım: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Beni Dünya Kadar Sev: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Bahar Noktası: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ben Kimim: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Gölgeler: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Keşhanlı Ali: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Koca Sinan: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Karaağaçlar Altında: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ateşle Oynayan: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Yılın kadını-müzikal: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ah Şu Gençler -müzikal: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Şeytan Çelmesi: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ay Işığında Şamata: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Sersem Kocanın Kurnaz Karısı: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Antonius Kleopatra ve Arada Bir Caesar: - Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu
Kuzguncuk Türküsü: - İstanbul Devlet Tiyatrosu
Ve Hep Birlikte Soldan Çıkarlar: - İstanbul Devlet Tiyatrosu


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