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 Who is Doğu Demirkol, where is he from, how old is he? Series and films in which he starred. Sign, height, weight. Biography article containing information about his life. Twitter and Instagram address. Who is the Alelade Show presenter?

Who is Doğu Demirkol, where is he from, how old is he?

Doğu Demirkol is a Turkish comedian and actor.

He was born on September 6, 1988 in Ankara.

His full name is Aydın Doğu Demirkol.

He was born in Ankara as the son of a lawyer mother from Mersin, a doctor of Circassian origin and a father from Balıkesir. Has a sister.

He attended secondary school in Amasya and high school in Ankara as a boarder. He graduated from the computer engineering department of Istanbul University. Demirkol, who previously prepared various funny videos on social media, participated in the Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye in 2012. Then, while performing a stand-up show at the Old City Comedy Club, comedian Murat Gençoğlu watched him one day and invited him to the BKM Mutfak, where he was also involved, and in 2015, he performed shows at the Besiktas Cultural Center with an Açık Mikrofon title.

in 2016, together with Yavuz Günal, Tuna Kalınsaz, Murat Gençoğlu and Yusuf Altıntaş, they performed stand-up shows with the title of 'Açık Mikrofon' graduates with the title of 'Eski Açık. After his success here, he began to be known on the screens by participating as a guest in the television program Güldür Güldür and presenting a short stand-up show.

in the five-minute commercial film titled 'Fakat O Ne' in the style of a sketch shot for Garanti BBVA in 2016, where he starred with the musician 'Kalben Sağdıç', he presented small sections from the life of a man who has difficulty bringing the end of the month to the end of the month with his character, dramatized by everyday expenses. Later, he performed one-man stand-up shows on stages such as Besiktas Cultural Center, 'Dasdas Sahne' and 'Torium Sahne' in Istanbul and 'Yılmaz Güney Sahne' in Ankara.

In 2018, he gained her first cinema experience with the character Zafer, portrayed in the Ölümlü Dünya film directed by Ali Atay. 71 the same year. He took the lead role with the character of Sinan Karasu in the film Ahlat Ağaçı directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

in 2019, he played the character of a man who could not keep money in his pocket who could not keep money in his pocket in mockumentary-style commercial films titled "Parayı Tutamayan Adam" consisting of 25 episodes for Garanti Pension, who met his future coach and learned to keep money thanks to him when he was about to lose his future and loved ones.

in 2020, he played the character of Tarık Şakrak in the television series Tutunamayanlar, which was broadcast on TRT 1 and lasted for 19 episodes. In the same year, he shared the lead role with the character of Adem Ballı, whom he played in the motion picture titled Bayi Toplantısı, written and played by Ibrahim Büyükak.

While saying goodbye to the years 2020 and 2021, he performed stand-up shows prepared for the New Year for 2 years in a row on the Digital platform GAIN.

In 2021, he played in the absurd comedy series titled Doğu, which was broadcast by the Internet platform BluTV and about his own life. In January of the same year, the single work she performed in a duet with Mustafa Sandal Tekrar, 2 versions of which were released, normal and short film, attracted attention with a different style of skit-like music video, a reference was made to Musti's old clips.

Who Are You, the Mask published on FOX in 2022, hosted by Tansel Öngel? she took part in the competition program as a jury member together with Eda Ece, Melis Sezen and Alican Yucesoy.

Currently, he is the host of the talk show program “Alelade Show”, which is broadcast on the Star TV television channel and produced by BBO Yapım. Doğu Demirkol, who is fed from his own life and every event that has a laughable quality in this land, continues to perform one-man stand up shows in Turkey, Europe, America and different cities around the world.

Height Weight Sign

Doğu Demirkol is 1.84 meters tall, 76 kilos and a Virgo. As of August 26, 2022, he has 38,800 followers on his Twitter account and 289,000 followers on his blue-click Instagram account. Twitter address adogudemirkol Instagram address dogudemirkol


2018 / Ahlat Ağacı - Sinan Karasu
2018 / Ölümlü Dünya - Zafer
2020 / Bayi Toplantısı - Adem Ballı


2020 / Tutunamayanlar (Tarık Şakrak) - TRT 1
2021 / Doğu (Doğu Demirkol) - BluTV


2012 / Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye
2016 / Güldür Güldür Show
2019 / O Ses Türkiye
2020 / GAİN 2021 Christmas Special Program
2021 / GAİN 2022 Christmas Special Program
2022 / Maske Kimsin Sen?
Soon / Alelade Show - Sunucu

Advertising Projects

2016 / Garanti BBVA - Fakat O Ne
2019 / Garanti Emeklilik - Parayı Tutamayan Adam
2022 / Turkcell


2021: Tekrar (feat.Mustafa Sandal)


2019 / 51. Siyad Awards - Best Actor
2021 / GQ Turkey 2021 'Men Of The Year' Awards - Comedian Of The Year


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