DİLARA BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR biography, series, movies, height - Canım Annem Melek

 Who is Dilara Büyükbayraktar? How old is she? Series and movies in which he starred. Who is the 'Melek' in the series 'Canım Annem-Dear Mom'? Her zodiac sign, height and weight. A biography article with information about his life.

Dilara Büyükbayraktar Biography

Dilara Büyükbayraktar is a writer, trainer, voice actress and actress. she has been acting professionally in TV series, cinema and theater for 10 years. she has been teaching drama and theater for 5 years and has been doing voice acting/dubbing for 3 years. To date, he has written 24 children's plays and 1 adult play. She has also released 1 slow-pop genre song.

How old is she?

Dilara Büyükbayraktar was born on October 23, 1989 in Izmir. Having completed her university education at the Department of Theater of the Anadolu University State Conservatory, the actress entered the Private Theater located in Izmir immediately after graduation. Here he worked as a theater actor for a certain period of time. She took part in many different theater plays, such as Underground, Prolongations in Marriage. However, Dilara Büyükbayraktar wanted to act not only in theater plays, but also in films and serials, and she began working on this topic. Eric Morris studied acting technique. She received a fine speech and speech art education from Uğur Polat and an acting discipline education from Ali Düşenkalkar. After these studies, she gave life to the character of Naza in the series titled Şefkat Tepe, which she joined in 2012 and was broadcast on Samanyolu TV. With the character of Naza, a fearless, warrior woman, she managed to become one of the most well-known names in an instant. she successfully starred in this series until 2014. Later, the name of the series changed. Between 2014 and 2015, the actress starred in the series Sungurlar for 39 episodes, this time with the same character again. After he managed to increase his fan base quite successfully in the series, she entered the film industry this time. in 2016, he also took part in the white screen with the character Hürel in the film Senarist-The Screenwriter. Here, again, as in the series, the actress who best portrays the character presented to her plays the role of an Melek in the daily series Canım Annem, which is currently broadcast on the TV8 channel. The successful player continues to take part in new projects within the Management of SM.

The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

She is of the sign of Libra. 1.68 m. she is tall and weighs 61 pounds. It is not known where she was originally from, whether she had a wife or lover. Dilara Büyükbayraktar, who has many fan accounts opened in her name on social media, has 102,000 followers on her Instagram account at the time of this article. Instagram address dbuyuk


2016 - Senarist (Hürel)

2017 - Deliysen Deliyim De (Nazlı)

2017 - Aç Kapıyı Çok Fenayım (Ekin)

2018 - İyi Ki Doğdun Abla (Ferda)

2019 - Siccîn 6 (Türkan)


2012-2014 - Şefkat Tepe (Naza)
2014-2015 - Sungurlar
2019-2020 - Arka Sokaklar (Ceren)
2022- ? Canım Annem (Melek)

Some Theater Plays In Which She Took Part

Gardiyan (4.Anamoly)

Şimdi Sırası Mı? (İstanbul Kumpanyası) 

Çöpçatan (İstanbul Kumpanyası)

Evlilikte Uzatmalar (Han Tiyatrosu)   

Yeraltılı (Han Tiyatrosu)


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