Deli Mi Ne – Fester Abdü Biography

 Is he Deli Mi Ne, Fester Abdü, who is Ali Abdusselam Yılmaz, where is he from, how old is he? Height, weight. Biography article containing information about his life.

Ali Abdusselam Yılmaz Is a Turkish YouTuber, actor and Deli Mi Ne? He is the owner of the YouTube channel.

Fester Abdü or Ali Abdüsselam Yılmaz with his real name was born in Konya in 1993. he is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms. He lives in Antalya. According to some sources, it is said that he is from Konya, according to some sources, he is from Adana. Although his brothers and family are very curious, he prefers not to live his private life with great care. The exact date of birth is unknown.

The YouTube channel he manages, 3. it is the Turkish YouTube channel with the most subscribers.

The total number of views of the videos he published on his YouTube channel has reached 1.952.472.426 as of the moment of preparation of this article.

The number of subscribers has approached 8 million 100 thousand.

Yılmaz was born in Konya in 1993. A graduate of Çukurova University School of Physical Education and Sports, Yılmaz is a licensed athlete of the Turkish national Canoe team and has obtained degrees in competitions at various clubs.

Is He Deli Mi Ne? the channel was founded by Yılmaz on April 11, 2017.

in 2018, Yılmaz's participation in the running race with pink heeled shoes and diving to the shipwreck called Majestik, which sank in the Dardanelles War, caused news to be made by various media outlets.

In July 2019, Yılmaz filed a lawsuit against the TV channel Show TV on the grounds that the channel used its own videos without permission and made defamatory broadcasts. As a result of the lawsuit, it was decided that Show TV would pay 1 million 434 thousand TL moral compensation to Yılmaz.Show TV, on the other hand, denied this claim.

In August 2019, Yilmaz jumped on the pitch at the UEFA Super Cup Final between two English clubs Liverpool and Chelsea, which was played at Vodafone Park Dec. Yılmaz and 4 other people who filmed him jumping on the field were detained. As a result of these events, the number of subscribers of Yılmaz, who was criticized by media organizations as well as YouTube celebrities such as Enes Batur, decreased. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office prepared an indictment against the YouTuber in June 2020. About Yılmaz and three other friends who jumped on the pitch at the UEFA Super Cup Final (for Yılmaz: Entering forbidden areas; for the other three friends: Aiding the crime), a prison sentence of one to three years was requested.

In 2022, she starred in the motion picture Dream Pursuit.

The famous YouTuber also uses Instagram. At the time of the preparation of this article, there are 1 million 500 thousand followers on the blue click Instagram account. Instagram address delimine

Awards and achievements

2012 Spring Cup Stagnantwater Canoe Races C1 1000 meters Junior Men's Championship

2013 Interclub Backwater Canoeing Turkish Cup C-1 Big Men's 200 meters first place

2013 Interclub Backwater Canoeing Turkish Cup C-1 Big Men's 500 meters first place

2014 Durgunsu Canoe Championship Turkey C1 1000 meters Big Men's first place

2014 Durgunsu Canoe Championship Turkey C1 500 meters Big Men's first place

2016 Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Championship C2 200 meters Big Men's Championship (together with Niyazi Can Görgen)


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