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 Who is Cuneyt in the Kusursuz Kiracı series? Who is Beyti Engin with his real name, how old is he and where is he from? What is his age, height and weight? What series and movies has she appeared in so far? What is the Instagram account address? All the details are in our biography.

Who is Beyti Engin? how old is she? From where?

Beyti Engin, who is a voice actor, theater, cinema and TV series actor, was born on September 18, 1981 in Gelibolu, Çanakkale.

His family came to Turkey from Silistire.

He attended primary school, Secondary School and High School in Edirne.

He studied at the Public Education Center in Edirne and started his acting career with the Edirne Art Theater.

Beyti Engin, who settled in Istanbul in 1999 and studied acting for a year at a private institution called Dialogue, graduated from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory in 2005.

He began to be known to a wide audience with his vital character portrayed in the series named Ulan İstanbul, which was published in 2014.

He played the Adsız character in the series Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu.

He has also been a voice actor since 2000.

Many theatrical, film project is located in a vast house in 2010, Bakırköy municipality Theatre staged in the “Sokağa Çıkma Yasağı” at the Afife Theatre Awards with performance in the game called “the most successful male player in a Supporting Role in a comedy or musical of the Year” award.

The veteran actor, who recently took part in the series No: 309 and 4n1k, gave life to the character Muhtar Metin in the TV series Gençliğim Eyvah, which was published on atv screens in 2020.

Nowadays, he gives life to the character of Cüneyt Göktürk in the FOX TV series The Kusursuz Kiracı.

Who is the Kusursuz Kiracı Cüneyt?

Cüneyt Göktürk, a retired military officer, is the apartment manager, the apartment order is being asked from him. He has a loud voice and always speaks shouting. He is a man who is curious about order and discipline, who continues to get up early every morning to do his sports, shave his fly record, as if he has never retired. Cuneyt, who has been bored a lot since he retired, is always looking for someone to manage around him, irregularities to put in order. He roots around, especially his own family. It's obvious that he likes his neighbor Suzi, who lives upstairs, in every way. His tough temper softens when you talk to him.

Is He Married?

Beyti Engin works as a trainer in addition to her acting career. From time to time, he gives acting trainings in front of the camera to those who want to become an actor. He also organizes seminars from time to time in different parts of our country.

Let's also give these classic information that is curious because he is an actor.

Beyti Engin, who works with Selin Kök agency, is from the sign of Virgo. he is 1.72 tall and weighs 75 kilograms.

He married screenwriter Hale Aksu on August 17, 2014.

Instagram is a famous name that is quite good with social media, as of the moment this article was prepared, there are 61,500 followers on the official Instagram account with a blue click. Dec. There are also two YouTube channels. Instagram address beytiengin


Kusursuz Kiracı (FOX) (2022-) (Cüneyt Göktürk)
Kanunsuz Topraklar (FOX) (2021-2022) (İdris Kasapoğlu)
Menajerimi Ara (Star TV) (2021) (Konuk Oyuncu)
Sen Hiç Ateşböceği Gördün mü? (Netflix) (2021) (Tevgir Hoca)
Şeref Bey (Exxen) (2021) (Naim)
Kırmızı Oda (TV8) (2020) (Cenk)
Gençliğim Eyvah (atv) 2020 (Muhtar Metin)
No 309 (FOX) (2016-2017) – (Sadı Sarıhan)
Ulan İstanbul (Kanal D) (2014-2015) (Hayati)
Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu (atv) 2014 (Adsız)
Kayıp (Kanal D) 2013
Beni Böyle Sev (TRT 1) 2013
Şubat (TRT 1)
Leyla ile Mecnun (TRT 1) 2012 (Konuk Oyuncu)
Keşanlı Ali Destanı (Kanal D) 2011-2012
Deli Saraylı (Show TV) 2010
Geniş Aile (Kanal D) 2010
Kafkas (TRT 1) 2009
İpsiz Recep (TRT 1) 2008-2009
Mahşer-Nabucco’nun Zehri (atv) 2007-2008
Avrupa Yakası (atv) 2007
Baba Oluyorum (TRT 1) 2007
Sonradan Görme (atv) 2005
Şeytan Ayrıntıda Gizlidir (TRT 1) 2004
Damatlık Şapka (TRT)
Yarım Elma (Kanal D) (2002)


Sen Hiç Ateşböceği Gördün mü? – 2021
Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu – 2019
Arif V 216 – 2018
Düğüm Salonu – 2018
İlk Öpücük – 2017
Şeytan Tüyü – 2016
Küçük Esnaf – 2016
Robinson Crusoe ve Cuma – 2015
Güvercin Uçuverdi – 2015
8 Saniye – 2015
Neden Tarkovski Olamıyorum – 2014
Eyyvah Eyvah 3 – 2013
İş Arıyoruz – 2008
Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti – 2008
Gölgesizler – 2008


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