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 Keremcem is a singer, songwriter and actor.

His full name is 'Kerem Cem Dürük'.

Her mother is 'Gülin Dürük' and her father is 'Cem Dürük'.

He's from Capricorn. 1.83 m. he is tall and weighs 96 pounds.

January December 28, 1977, according to the official record, he was born on January 5, 1978 in Milas. He has an older sister.

He received his primary education at Milas Sakarya Primary School. He is originally from Mugla. After his secondary education at Izmir Fatih Private College, he graduated from Muğla Turgutreis High School in 1995. He graduated from Ege University, Department of International Relations in 2003.

He started playing guitar in his high school years, and made the song “I Don't Have It”, the lyrics and music of which were his first composition and were also included in his first album, in Ankara in 1996. Later, he continued his composing studies with his friend Yunus Adak, whom he met during his university years. in 2001, he came to Istanbul with the encouragement of Yonca Evcimik. Again through him, he started working with Aykut Gürel in 2004. in 2004, her debut album, September, was released on the Irem Records label. This album, which includes his favorite songs such as ”Where Should I Go“, ”Top Coat“, ”Let's Cry Together“ and ”Love Game“, brought him the ”Best Emerging Male Artist" awards from POPSAV and Altın Kelebek. In the same year, he became the “Kerem” of the TV movie “Kerem and Asli”, which was broadcast on TRT. in 2005, she played the character Sarp in the Love Game series, which introduced her to a larger audience. In the same year, he and Seden Gürel released their duet album Maia. Sezen Aksu and Özdemir have reinterpreted Erdoğan's favorite song “A Small Love Story”.

in 2006, he sang songs from the musicals “Notre Damme de Paris”, “Grease”, “Share Wonders” and “Lüküs Hayat” in the musical project “From Broadway to Istanbul” under the direction of Haldun Dormen. 2 in the same year. she released her solo album “Love is Over”. “Love is Over”, “Oh My God”, "Conquest of the Castle" became the most favorite songs on this album. Her song “Together”, which she performed in the musical, was also included in this album.

He was named the Best Male Artist at the ”King Music Awards“ with the album ”Love is Over". She performed two songs on the soundtrack album of the film High School Musical 2, a Walt Disney production, and the video clip “You are the Music in Me” from this album was shown in Germany, the USA and many countries.

His first experience in this field was voicing a duck in the animated film Ugly Duckling.

in 2007, he appeared in the TV series ”Two Strangers“ as "Dr. It was Cem. in 2008, he released a single album with the band “Imba” from Romania called “On Fire”. In the same year, he became the ”Ahmet“ of the TV series ”Elif".

He performed the song ”I Would Like to Be with You“, which was also included in the motion picture ”High School Musical 3" and the soundtrack album.

3rd in 2009. he released his solo album “Dokun” again under the label Irem Records, produced by Aykut Gürel. The video clip titled “Chasing Dreams”, which they performed together with “Kita” before the album was released and remained at number 1 on music channels for a long time, became the first in Turkey in terms of using a 3D animated character and a real image together. The second music video for the album was shot for the song “I Needed a Ferrari for You”. He has performed over 170 concerts in Istanbul, Anatolia, Germany, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

He enlisted in mid-August 2009. His patriotic duty is 323. He completed his Short Term in January 2010. Before he left, Keremcem made a music video for four separate songs included in his last album “Dokun”. After the first clip, which was called ”Test“ and retained its place in the charts for a long time, he met his fans on the screens once again with ”One Last Time / August Bugs". ”I can't swallow," Keremcem met the screens after returning from the military.

in 2011, he released the album ”Hayata".

He plays the character of Fuat Demirci in the series Gül Masalı, which is currently being broadcast on atv television channel. The successful actress continues to take part in new projects within the RA Talent Management.

Keremcem married actor Seda Güven in Paris in 2014. in 2015, he parted ways with Seda Güven.

Keremcem uses YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on social media. He also has his own personal website. At the time of this writing, he has 1 million followers on his blue-clicked Facebook page, 889,000 followers on his Instagram account, and 69,500 followers on his Twitter account. His YouTube channel has 150,000 subscribers. Instagram address keremcem Twitter address keremcemcomtr


2004 - Eylül - İrem Records
2005 - Eylül (Aşk Oyunu Bonus Track) - İrem Records
2005 - Maia - İrem Records
2006 - Aşk Bitti - İrem Records
2008 - Ateşler İçinde - İrem Records
2009 - Dokun - İrem Records
2011 - Hayata - Pasaj Müzik
2013 - Keremcem - Pasaj Müzik


2020- Aşk Çağırırsan Gelir
2019 – Kimse Bilmez /Ali Hüroğlu
2019- Çember
2018 – Aşk ve Mavi/ Yaman
2017 – İki Yalancı /Serkan
2014/2017 – O Hayat Benim /Ateş
2012 – Merhaba Hayat /Ömer Yenel
2011 – Tövbeler Tövbesi /Oktay Berk
2010 – Keskin Bıçak /Eren
2008 – Elif /Ahmet Karabey
2008 – Kavak Yelleri /Uğur
2007 – İki Yabancı /Cem Arifoğlu
2006- Başka Yerde Yok
2006-2007 – Avrupa Yakası / Kerem
2005 – Aşk Oyunu /Sarp Teksoy
2002 – Kerem ile Aslı /Kerem


2017- Little Partner / Selim (TV Movie)

2014 - Elixir: Grandpa's Secret

2009 - Gang of Degenerates –Voice Acting)

2008 - Asterix at the Olympics (Voice acting-Asterix)


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