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 Who is Erol Gedik? Commercials, serials, films in which he starred. In what serials, films did he play? His age, height, weight, zodiac sign. Who is 'Murat' in the series 'Canım Annem-Dear Mom'? How old is he? Twitter and Instagram address. Biography article containing information about the life of actor Erol Gedik. Wikipedia information.

Erol Gedik Biography - Age

Erol Gedik is a TV series and film actor.

His full name is Erol Cihangir Gedik.

He was born on September 24, 1980 in Istanbul.

Gedik graduated from Marmara University School of Physical Education and Sports – Tennis Coaching department.

During his college years, he was interested in kiteboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and combat sports.

He attracted the attention of the famous photographer Tamer Yılmaz, started modeling at the age of 17 and met Gaye Sökmen in the following period.

He was closely interested in extreme sports. His passion for adventure led him on a European tour to tour different countries of the world.

He ran a restaurant for a while but was not successful.

In order to further herself in her acting career, she received various trainings.

He took acting lessons from Altan and Vahide Gördüm.

He also received a basic acting education from Meltem Cumbul in front of the camera and Academy 35.5.

To date, she has starred in numerous series and movies. He also took part in various advertising projects.

Erol Gedik, who has been dreaming of fame since the age of 17, starred in Turkey's first 3D (3D) film “Cehennem-Hell” in 2010 after an intervening overseas adventure, marriage, Decoupling and military service.

The 3rd part of the series ‘Kanıt-Evidence’ directed by Biray Dalkıran. He played the character of Murat in the episode.

'Adanalı' is the 73rd of the series. he played the role of Tunç in the episode. He played the role of Kayhan in the series Küçük Sırlar-Little Secrets.

He played the character of Nusret in the series ‘Herşeye Rağmen-Against All Odds’, which was broadcast on atv in 2011, and is a project of Tomris Giritlioğlu.

He played the role of Murat in Hakan: The Guardian, the first Turkish series of the world-famous online TV platform Netflix.

Currently, he is giving life to the character of Murat in the series Canım Annem-My Dear Mother, which is broadcast daily on the TV8 television channel. The handsome actor continues to take part in new projects within the GDE Team.

Height, Weight, Zodiac

Erol Gedik is from the sign of Libra. 1.84 m. he is tall and weighs 76 pounds. It is not known where he was originally from, whether she had a lover or not.

The actor, who uses Twitter and Instagram on social media, has 10,500 followers on his Instagram account at the time of this article. Twitter address erolgedik Instagram address erolgedik


Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever 2 (2019)

Sadece Sen (2013)


Canım Annem 2022 TV8 “Murat”

Mucize Doktor (2021)

Her Yerde Sen (Arda)

Hakan: Muhafız (Murat Muhafız)

Tatar Ramazan

Kurt Seyit ve Şura

Her Şeye Rağmen


Küçük Sırlar


TV Movies

Kan Kardeşler

Starring Ads

Skoda 2021

Arçelik 2021

Divanev 2020

Vitabiotics 2019

Jilet Max3

Fiat Fiorino



Vakıf Bank



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