Actor CENGİZ ORHONLU Biography - O KIZ Ozan

 Who is the actor Cengiz Orhonlu? How old is he? Series and films in which he starred. Height and weight. Who is the Ozan in that O Kız series? Instagram address. Biography article containing information about his life.

Cengiz Orhonlu Biography

Cengiz Orhonlu is a theater, film and TV actor.

He is the grandson of Kamuran Akkor.

the actor born in 1994 is 175 cm. he is tall and weighs 74 kilograms.

He is a graduate of Progress Foundation Schools and The Catholic University of America Montgomery Collage.

To date, he has acted in numerous theater plays.

in 2014, he played in the movie Bensiz-Without Me, and in 2019, he played in the TV series Arka Sokaklar-Back Alleys.

Today, he gives life to the character of ‘Ozan’ in the series ‘O Kız-That Girl’, which is broadcast on the Kanal D television channel. At the same time, he performs in theater plays within the Theater Net.

The young actor Nimet Atasoy continues to take part in new projects within the management.

The young talent, who is good with music, can play the piano, guitar and drums Decently.

Such sports activities as horse riding, archery and fencing are also provided. Deca Hotel offers sports activities including horse riding, archery and fencing.

French English and fluent in a good degree. His zodiac sign is unknown, as the exact date of his birthday is unknown. It is also not known if she has a lover.

At the time of this writing, he has 2,078 followers on his Instagram account. Instagram address cengizorhonlu

Some Theater Plays in Which He Starred

KATS Sahne/ Ufak Tefek Yaşamlar, Fareli Köyün Kavalcısı, Paket Servis
The Catolic University of America / Big Love , Revolutionists Us Righteous Montgomery Collage / Res, Rise of Arturo Ui, Honk, Lucky Stiff
Terakki Vakfı Oyuncuları / Savaş Baba, Kafkas Tebeşir Dairesi, Aklayıcılar Kongresi İmece Sanat Atölyesi / Gösteri Zamanı
Güzel Sanatlar Oyuncuları / Alaaddin, Aslan Kral, Shrek, Peter Pan

Theater Awards

New Theater Magazine Labor and Achievement Awards 2022 – “Best Music”

Kelebekler Özgürdür / Friends of October Summer Theater Awards 2020 – "Young Talent”


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