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Name and Surname: Can Yaman

Date of Birth: November 8, 1989 

Age: (32 years old)

Place of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Nationality: Turkey

Education: Yeditepe University (2012), Liceo Italiano IMI, Eastern Mediterranean University, Private Bahçeşehir Bilfen High Schools

Occupation: Actor, Lawyer, Athlete, Model

Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)

Weight: 70 kilos

Mother: Güldem Yaman

Father: Güven Yaman

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Instagram: canyaman

Can Yaman Biography - Age

Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989 in Istanbul as the only child of his family. Albanian paternal origin. On his father's side, he is an immigrant from Yugoslavia and Macedonia. Yaman graduated first from the Italian High School and graduated from the Law Department of Yeditepe University with a degree in 2012. After graduation, he worked as a lawyer for six months at a world-famous corporate firm called Price Waterhouse Coopers for a mandatory internship of 1 year. He is the nephew of football player and coach Fuat Yaman. English Italian and English are well spoken by Yaman.

Can Yaman was a guest of Canale 5's charity program Che Posta Perte in January 2022, the Che Posta Perte program attended by Can Yaman broke the viewing record. The program appeared on the TT list in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Can Yaman won 100 thousand euros from this program.

Can Yaman received acting education from Cüneyt Sayıl. His first television experience was in 2014, directed by Türkan Derya, starring Sinem Kobal, in the series titled Gönül İşleri, which was broadcast on Star TV with the character of Bedir Kocadağ. Between 2015 and 2016, he played the character of Yalın Aras in the series titled İnadına Aşk, which was directed by Osman Sınav and aired on FOX. Between 2016 and 2017, he played the character of Tarık Çam in the TV series Hangimiz Sevmedik, starring Yeliz Kuvancı Dec with Cengiz Bozkurt, Altan Erkekli, Gül Onat, Bülent Şakrak, Mehtap Bayri, Deniz Oral and Veysel Diker in the cast. In 2017, he played the character of Ferit Aslan in the TV series Dolunay, directed by Çağrı Bayrak and starring Özge Gürel, broadcast on Star TV. Between 2018-2019, he played the character of Can Divit in the TV series called Erkenci Kuş, directed by Çağrı Bayrak and Aytaç Çiçek, starring Demet Özdemir. Dec. in 2020, he played the character of Özgür Atasoy in the series Bay Yanlış, directed by Deniz Yorulmazer, which was broadcast on FOX, starring Özge Gürel and Deniz Yorulmazer.

In December 2020, he signed a deal with Luxvide, an Italian production company, for a series called Sandokan, which will tell about the hero of the novel. He was a guest on RTL radio with the owner of the company, Luca Bernabei, and announced that they had agreed on a new series project.

in 2021, in March, he made a guest appearance on the Italian TV series Che Dio ci Aiuti, playing the character Gino. in September 2021, he starred in the series Viola come il mare, which was started filming in September, on Canale 5, in the series that will be broadcast in September 2022, he played the character of Francesco Demir, in which he shares the lead roles with Francesca Chillemi.

He will take the lead role in the El Turco web series, which will be released on the Disney+ platform in 2022. The successful actor has 10 million followers on his Instagram account as of August 26, 2022. Fans are very curious about who Can Yaman's lover is. Although Can Yaman's lover is introduced in the press as actress Francesca Del Fa, he does not have a known lover today.

Yaman, in an interview: "If the bunch was a little snop, we would never have been compatible. For example, 'Which One of Us Didn't Like' is why I had a problem with my partner Selen Soyder in the series. The leading couples need to have a high libido. I always say that players are divided into two: those who have libido, those who do not have libido. He told the audience, ‘Are these really making love? Isn't he making love?' he won't keep the job if you can't get him to ask." said. After the interview, he was criticized by many celebrities.

Later, in an interview, he stated that he was misunderstood, that he wanted to use the word libido in a much different, broad and comprehensive sense, but the subject was drawn to different places.

Yaman was asked by a female audience on a television show in Spain, where he went as an invited guest, “Can you tell us something that will prove that Yaman is from this world?” the question is, “let's go to the back room.” he replied." Yaman, who was criticized a lot in the face of this response, said “a joke that developed completely instantaneously” about his response.


2014-2015 / Gönül İşleri - Bedir Kocadağ (Star TV)

2015-2016 / İnadına Aşk - Yalın Aras (FOX)

2016-2017 / Hangimiz Sevmedik - Tarık Çam (TRT 1)

2017 / Dolunay - Ferit Aslan (Star TV)

2018-2019 / Erkenci Kuş - Can Divit (Star TV)

2020 / Bay Yanlış - Özgür Atasoy (FOX)

2021 / Che Dio ci Aiuti - Gino (Rai 1)

2021-2022 / Viola come il mare - Francesco Demir (Canale 5)

Internet Series

Coming Soon - El Turco / Hasan Balaban (Disney+)

Some Programs in Which He Was a Guest

2018 - O Ses Türkiye Yılbaşı Özel / TV8

2020 - Che Posta Perte / Canale 5

2021 - Che Posta Perte / Canale 5

2022 - Che Posta Perte / Canale 5

Advertising Projects


2018 - DESA

2020 - Pasha Fencer

2020-2022 TUDORS

2021 - De Cecco

2022 - Mercedes Benz

2022 - Disney+


2017 Çekmeköy 2023 Magazine 2. Social Awareness Awards / Best Male TV Series Actor of the Year - Hangimiz Sevmedik

2017 Çekmeköy 2023 Magazine 3. Social Awareness Awards / Best Leading Actress of the Year - Hangimiz Sevmedik

2017 44. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best TV Series Couple (together with Özge Gürel - Dolunay

2017 44. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Romantic Comedy Actor - Dolunay

2018 Istanbul Fashion Guide 2018 Most Stylish Actor of the Year - Erkenci Kuş

2018 Media And Art Awards / Best TV Series Couple (together with Demet Özdemir– - Erkenci Kuş

2018 45. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Romantic Comedy Actor - Erkenci Kuş

2018 Life Without Disabilities Foundation 9.The Best of the Year Award Ceremony / The Most Romantic TV Series Couple of the Year (together with Demet Özdemir - Erkenci Kuş

2018 GQ MOTY by Clear 2018 / Rising Player of the Year - Erkenci Kuş

2019 MEF High School Year's Difference Makers Awards / Difference Makers Award – Erkenci Kuş

2019 Murex D'or Award Ceremony / International Best Actor – Erkenci Kuş

2019 19. Internet Media Best of the Year Award Ceremony / Best Screen Duo of the Year (together with Demet Özdemir– - Erkenci Kuş

2019 5. Turkish Youth Awards / Best Actor - Erkenci Kuş

2019 10. Quality of Magazine Magazine Awards / Best Quality Actor – Erkenci Kuş

The 2019 E! News TV's Top Leading Man 2019 / Best Actor – Erkenci Kuş

2019 46. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Romantic Comedy Actor - Erkenci Kuş

2022 Monte Carlo Film Festival of Comedie / Social Responsibility Award Winner - Bay Yanlış

2022 Filming Italy Sardegna 2022 / Creativity Award Winner - Bay Yanlış

2022 Premios Nova / The Best Couple Can Yaman - Ozge Gurel - Bay Yanlış


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