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 Who is Ece in the Rose Fairy Tale-Gül Masalı series? Who is Zehra Yılmaz with her real name? Where is he originally from? Where was he born? How old is she? Does she have a boyfriend? The answers to all these questions are currently being studied by viewers of the Fairy Tale of Roses-Gül Masalı. Therefore, we have prepared a biography article about the actor. We gave information about the series and films in which he starred. You can also access information such as his/her zodiac sign, height and weight via our article. Instagram and Twitter addresses have also been added to the post. Here is the life of Zehra Yılmaz... (Video added. You can also access it in the form of a video in our article accompanied by audio narration and visuals)

Zehra Yılmaz Biography - How old?

She was born on July 30, 1992.

She grew up in a core family of four.

The actress, who is originally from Mersin Anamur, lived in Mersin until she was 5 years old. After that, because of his father's job, the family moved to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. His father is an agricultural engineer.

After graduating from the Russian College, she studied theater in Baku.

at the age of 17, he came to Istanbul from Baku to study at the conservatory.

She could not enter the conservatory because he had insufficient accent at that time and preferred the cinema department at the university.

She successfully graduated from Marmara University Radio TV Cinema Department.

While studying at the university, he simultaneously received special acting trainings, especially at the Cuneyt Sayıl Acting Workshop.

Series And Movies

Zehra Yılmaz was more asked by the audience, 'What Should I Wear Today?-Bugün Ne Giysem?' she has been recognized for his program.

Zehra Yilmaz, who has managed to make a very serious difference in the program with her beauty and interesting personality, has also attracted attention as one of the most talked about and most researched names in the program.

She had her first acting experience with the series Bodrum Masalı, which was broadcast on Kanal D.

in 2017, she gave life to the character of Melisa in the series ’Kara Yazı'. Later, she appeared in the cast of the TV series Tears of Heaven-Cennetin Gözyaşları, which was broadcast on Atv screens, starring Berk Atan and Almila Ada, and played the character of Melisa Soyer.

She played the character of Tuğçe Işık in the series Nobody Knows-Kimse Bilmez, which ended in December 2019. In 2020, she took part in the TV series Gençliğim Eyvah with the role of Çağla.

in 2019, she took part in the film ”Daddy's Money-Baba Parası" in the role of Nurten.

in 2021, she gave life to the character of Betül Öztürk in the TV series Heart Wound-Kalp Yarası, which was broadcast on ATV screens.

Also in 2021, he took part in the role of Elif in the far-Fetched Guest-Zoraki Misafir feature film directed by Bülent İşbilen.

in 2022, she starred in the film Canım Dayım and in the same year she played Selvi Hatun in the TV series Kuruluş Osman.

She plays the character of Ece Kardaş in the series Gül Masalı, which is currently being broadcast on atv television channel.

Who is Gül Masalı-Ece Kardaş

Ece Kardaş

Toprak's ex-girlfriend. She is ambitious, beautiful, equipped and determined enough to set the world on fire for something she has put in her head. He comes to Isparta, where he refused to come many years ago, to regain his love Toprak, which he lost sight of both at work and on time. Although this turn may initially seem like well-intentioned steps to paint the Earth's eye, an unbearable longing for old love, and compensation for mistakes, underlying it is the desire to achieve and the ambition to win again. When Ece realizes the emotional strength of Gonca, whom he underestimates, he enters into a struggle in which he will try in every possible way to win the war he has waged against her.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

The actress, who pays great attention to his education, reads a lot of books in his spare time and speaks 4 languages.

Zehra Yılmaz, who loves to ride a horse, loves to play sports.

She also follows fashion closely.

In the past, there have been reports in the press that she was lovers with Cem Belevi. In the aftermath are divided. Nowadays, it is not known whether Zehra Yılmaz is his lover or not.

Height And Weight of Zehra Yılmaz

It has the characteristics of a Leo sign. he is 1.70 tall. it weighs 54 kilograms.

She continues his life in Istanbul today, and from time to time she goes to Baku with his acquaintances.

Abdullah Bulut is registered with the management agency and continues his professional career, the actress also actively uses social media.

Zehra Yılmaz Social Media Addresses

At the time of this writing, he has 7,656 followers on Twitter.

Her blue-clicked Instagram account has 844,000 followers.

It is expected that these numbers will increase even more as the episodes of the Rose Tale-Gül Masalı series progress.

Twitter Address ylmzehra

Instagram Address zehraylmz

Movies And TV Series Starring Zehra Yılmaz

Gül Masalı (TV, Ece Kardaş – 2022)

Canım Dayım (Movie – 2022)

Zoraki Misafir (Movie, Elif – 2021)

Kalp Yarası (Betül, TV – 2021)

Gençliğim Eyvah (TV – Çağla, 2020)

Baba Parası (Movie - Nurten, 2020)

Kimse Bilmez (TV – Tuğçe, 2019)

Cennet’in Gözyaşları (TV – Melisa Soyer, 2017-2018)

Kara Yazı (TV – Melisa, 2017)

Bodrum Masalı (TV – Rana, 2016 – 2017)

Gönülçelen (TV – 2010)


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