Who is Utku Coşkun? Who is the 'Ozan' in the series 'Duy Beni-Hear Me'? Twitter and Instagram address. An article with information about it.

Utku Coşkun is one of the new names in the acting industry. The young actor, who studied theater at Kadir Has University, first appeared in the short film 'A Person Named Sadi-Sadi Adlı Kişi' in 2006 with the role of Utku. in 2019, the actor's first significant acting experience, which took place in the series Hekimoğlu, was with the series Duy Beni. He gives life to the character of 'Ozan' in the series 'Hear Me'.  Handsome actor continues to take part in new projects within the framework of ID Iletişim menajerlik.

Utku Coşkun uses Twitter and Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he had 7,542 followers on his Twitter account and 79,200 followers on his Instagram account. The number of followers of a successful player is increasing every day. Although the Duy Beni-Hear Me series started airing in the summer, it has received great attention. Therefore, it is expected that the number of followers on their accounts will reach higher figures in the coming days. Instagram Address utkucoskun__ Twitter Address utkucoskun__

'Utku Çoşkun' is one of the new faces and therefore there is not much information about it. There is no information about how old she is, her zodiac sign, height, weight, whether she has a boyfriend, etc. In the future, when the young talent gives an interview to the press, there will be a chance to get detailed information about him.


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