ULVİ KAHYAOĞLU biography, age, Tozlu Yaka Berk

 Who is Ulvi Kahyaoğlu? How old is? Who is the Berk in the TV series Tozluyaka? Where is he originally from? His real name. Serials and films in which he starred. Age, height, weight and zodiac sign. Twitter and Instagram address. A biography article with detailed information about his life.

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu Biography? Age

He was born on May 25, 1995 in Izmir.

As of today, he is 27 years old.

He attended high school at the Işıkkent Education Campus.

She graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Acting the main art.

Kahyaoğlu has acted in more than 10 short films and appeared in the Short Film Corner section of the Cannes Film Festival with his short film Kimi Sevsem Çıkmazı.

in 2018, she took part in the short film ‘Oh Give Me an Attache’ supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Navy Command, and the film won seven international awards.

In addition to acting, she has been working as a choreographer in theater plays for 4 years.

To date, the young actress has received a wide range of acting trainings.

More than 400 actors from all over the world applied to the “Camera-Front Acting Workshop” organized by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in the English language for professional actors, which is in the top 3 of the Hollywood Reporter's “World's Best Film Schools” list.

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu was eligible to participate in the workshop, where only 12 young professionals were accepted, with his acting performance in English in front of the jury.

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu TV Series Movies

Ulvi Kahyaoğlu had his first acting experience in 2018 with the short film Give Me a Lighter-Give Me a Lighter.

in the 90s, let's say We were together, he performed in many theater plays, such as The Legend of the Immortal Tree.

Later in 2019, she starred in a short film, Küre-Orb, again.

between the years 2019-2021, she gave life to the character of Kerem in the series Benim Adım melek- My Name is Angel. Dec.

in 2021, she took part in the film İçimdeki Kahraman-My Hero with her contemporary role.

Also in 2021, he played the character of Serdar in the TV series Elbet Bir Gün-of Course One Day.

as of 2022, he is giving life to the character of Berk in the series Tozluyaka, which is a favorite series of FOX television channel.

Who is the Tozluyaka Berk?

Berk Yagizoglu

He is angry, ambitious and jealous.

Although he is a copy of Canaan, his father is the one he is most angry with internally. His anger, ambitions and, most importantly, the desire to own everything have shaped his character too much. Strength is important. That's why he wants everyone around him to be strong. He believes that it is necessary to destroy the weak. However, all these are the fears of the fragile child inside. How he would have liked to be able to get rid of the burdens on him, in fact... that's when the first person he would start a war with would undoubtedly be his father.

The young actress continues to take part in new projects under the management of Televi.

Where is He originally From? Height, Weight, Zodiac

He is originally from Izmir. he is 1.75 tall and weighs 62 pounds. She uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, he has 58,300 followers on his Instagram account.

The number of followers of the successful player is increasing every day.

It is expected that this rise will continue as the number of episodes in the Tozluyaka series increases.

Twitter Address KahyaogluUlvi

Instagram Address ulvikahyaoglu


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