MELTEM AKÇÖL Biography, TV series - Age, height, weight – Duy Beni Hazal

 Who is Meltem Akçöl? Who is the character Hazal in the series Hear Me-Duy Beni? Starring serials. How old is she? Age, height, weight. Twitter and Instagram address. A biography article with information about him.

Meltem Akçöl  Biography- Age - Height and Weight

Meltem Akçöl is an actress and social media phenomenon.

She is 166 cm tall and weighs 48 kilograms.

She has attracted attention with the videos and photos she has shared on social media.

Meltem Akçöl, a beautiful actress who continued her education life in Istanbul, started her acting career after receiving acting education and front-camera acting lessons.

in 2021, she gave life to the character of Deniz Yılmaz in the series Broken Lives-Kırık Hayatlar.

Currently, she plays the character of Hazal in the series ‘Hear Me-Duy Beni’, which is broadcast on the Star Tv television channel.

Who is Duy Beni-Hazal

Although she was born into a very rich life, she is not broke or spoiled. Even though he knows how hypocritical and bad people the people at school are, he is good with Kanat Dec. He knows the conscientious, compassionate side that Kanat hides from everyone.

The successful actress continues to take part in new and different projects within the body of Televi Menajerlik.

She uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, she had 1,473 followers on Twitter and 136,000 followers on Instagram.

The number of followers of a successful player is increasing every day.

As the number of episodes in the series Duy Beni increases, it is expected that this rise will continue to gain momentum.

Twitter Address meltemakcoll

Instagram Address meltemakcol


  1. She is a beautiful girl.Beautiful in everything.i love sie very mich.And i wish the best for shes future.


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