KAAN MİRAC SEZEN age - biography - Tozluyaka Ali

 Who is Ali in the TV series Tozluyaka? Who is Kaan Mirac Sezen? How old? From where? Where does he study? An article with information about it.

Kaan Mirac Sezen Age

Kaan Mirac Sezen was born in Bursa in 2002 and is 20 years old. He is a graduate of TED College.

Kaan Mirac Sezen, who entered the world of TV series and movies by registering as a television manager, left the Department of Performing Arts at Bilkent University and transferred to the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University.

He received her first acting education at the October Art Atoll. She performs in theater plays within the Istanbul City Theaters. In Istanbul City theaters, she performs on stage in the play Ay Carmela. Kaan Mirac Sezen brings to life the character of Ali, a handsome and intelligent college student, in the series Tozluyaka, which is being broadcast on FOX screens.

Who is Tozluyaka Ali Öztürk?

He is fearless, honest, friendly to everyone.

He is a crazy young man who embraces where he is, is content with what he has, and despite all this, has never lost his joy of living and his hopes for life. It's her mother's copy, no wonder she knows it's true. The only difference is that he is too bold to sacrifice everyone for the sake of their loved ones. There is a bond between him and his friends that is invisible, but so strong that it will never be Decoupled. You can take everything from Ali, even his life, but never his loved ones!

The young actress uses Instagram on social media. As of the moment of this article, he has 94,700 followers on his account. At the moment, information such as her zodiac sign, height, weight, date of birth, lover is unknown.

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