The life story of Gamze Cizreli, who is currently participating as a jury boss in the competition program called "Winning Restaurant", which is currently being broadcast on the FOX TV television channel, is curious. So who is the owner of 'Big Chefs' and 'Gamze Cizreli', where is he from? How old is she? A biography article with information about his life. A story of success and entrepreneurship. Twitter and Instagram address.

Gamze Cizreli Biography

Gamze Cizreli is an entrepreneur and businessman born in Diyarbakir in 1968. She is one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to female entrepreneurs in Turkey.

he is the founder and CEO of the restaurant chain Big Chefs, which has 3000 employees and 70 branches in 8 different countries.

Gamze Cizreli, originally from Diyarbakır, was born in 1968 as the youngest of 3 children to an academic doctor father and a housewife mother.

Cizreli, whose childhood was spent in Diyarbakir and Konya, graduated from METU Business Administration Department in 1991.

After graduation, he worked in the Turkish-American joint defense industry project.

While continuing her corporate life in the defense industry, she also worked as a waitress in the most important restaurants in Ankara. Finally, he made his decision and opened one of the first cafes in Ankara with his life partner.

after changing the sector in 1994, Cizreli founded our Cafe, one of the first cafes in Ankara, on Argentina Street with his first wife.

Later, he founded Quick China, where Kuki and Far Eastern dishes are sold, respectively, serving in the pastry field.

Over time, Dimze Cizreli broke up with his wife. He decided to give the place where he worked for many years to his wife and go out of his way to create a new brand on his own.

Cizreli, which went bankrupt in 2005, established BIGCHEFS in Ankara by withdrawing unsecured loans with zero capital in 2007.

in 2010, Gamze Cizreli founded Refin Restaurant in Ankara with the partnership of Saruhan Tan in 2016 he founded the burrito chain named.

In addition to restaurant management, Gamze Cizreli has taught “Entrepreneurship” courses at METU Business School. Periodically, he has written gourmet and travel articles for various magazines and newspapers.

The filming of the film “Tarifte Aşk Var-There is Love in the Recipe”, which tells about the life of Cizreli, began in 2018.

She gave a speech on the status of Women in Turkey at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly in New York.

as of 2022, he is still the manager of BIGCHEFS. In addition, she is active in various Non-Governmental Organizations, especially as Investors and Operators of KAGIDER (Association of Women Entrepreneurs) and TURYID (Tourism Restaurant). He is currently a jury member in the Winning Restaurant competition, which is broadcast on the FOX TV television channel.

Cizreli, the most awarded female entrepreneur in Turkey, has two sons named Oğul and Ali.

Gamze Cizreli uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he had 5,716 followers on his Twitter account and 128,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account. Twitter address gamzecizreli Instagram address gamzecizreli

Some Awards Received

KAGIDER and Garanti Bank – Female Entrepreneur of the Year (2010)

Economist magazine - Business People of the Year Award Ceremony - Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2011)

Economist magazine - Business People of the Year Award Ceremony - Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2013)

Economist magazine - Business People of the Year Award Ceremony - Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2014)

Turkey Golden Brand Awards - Businesswoman of the Year –2019)


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