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 who is the actor 'Erdem Kaynarca' who gave life to the character 'Toprak Atabey' in the series 'Tale of Roses-Gül Masalı' broadcast on ATV screens? How old is? Who is the 'Toprak' in the series 'The Tale of the Rose-Gül Masalı'? What series and films has he appeared in to date?

Who is Erdem Kaynarca? Where is he originally from? Serials and films. Who is the 'Toprak' character in the 'Tale of the Roses-Gül Masalı' series? His real name. Date of birthday. Her zodiac sign, age, height, weight. Is he related to Oktay Kaynarca? Does he have a girlfriend? Twitter and Instagram address. A biography article with information about his life.

Erdem Kaynarca Biography - Age

Erdem Kaynarca is a theater, film and TV series actor.

He was born on November 17, 1992 in Istanbul.

the actor, who has been studying whatever he got since the age of 6, dreamed of becoming a philosopher in high school. That's why he wanted to study philosophy at the university.

after graduating from the Philosophy department of the Middle East Technical University, which he started in 2009, in 2012, he graduated from the Theater Department of Kadir Has University in 2016.

In addition to acting, Erdem Kaynarca was also interested in sports and swam professionally for 4 years.

The player who plays American football during his college years and loves to play sports is most interested in basketball, swimming, tennis, fitness and yoga sports.

He is also professionally engaged in modern dance.

The actor, who loves to play console games, read books and watch foreign series, goes to theater games in her spare time.

Despite his young age, he played in numerous theater plays during his acting career.

'Arzu Tramvayı, En Kötü İş, Luna Park Oyunları, Bahar Noktası, Trendeki Yabancı, Gövde Gösterisi, Kadınlar Devleti, Romeo & Juliet, Merhaba, Martı, Performansçı' are some of the theater plays in which he took part.

In 2018, he made his 23rd appearance with Tato /Baba theatre. He was awarded the 'Outstanding Actor' Young Actor Award at the Sadri Alışık Theater Awards.

Erdem Kaynarca TV Series And Movies

The actor, who often appears in commercials, had her first series experience by portraying the character of Mehmet in the series 'Heartbeat-Kalp Atışı' broadcast on the TV channel 'Show Tv'.

The actor has also appeared in the TV series 'A Mad Wind-Bir Deli Rüzgar', 'Forbidden Apple-Yasak Elma' and 'Alef', and has also appeared in numerous short films, a television movie called “Escrow-Emanet”. (You can access the full list at the end of our article)

in 2018, she appeared in Gazapism's music video 'The Dead Will Steal from the Living-Ölüler Dirilerden Çalacak'.

in 2020, he gave life to the character of Çavi Bozoğlu in the comedy series Gençliğim Eyvah, which was broadcast on ATV screens.

in 2021, he played in a total of three series. He played the character of Oktay in the TV series Şeref Bey, Suat in the TV series Seyyar and Batu in the TV series Ada Masalı.

in the 2021-2022 season, he took part in the series Hiding Our Mother-Annemizi Saklarken with the character Bora Demir and the series lasted for eight episodes.

Today, he gives life to the character of Toprak Atabey in the series Gül Masalı, which is broadcast on ATV television channel.

Who is the 'Toprak' in the Rose Fairy Tale-Gül Masalı Series?

Toprak Atabey

Like his name, he loves the land and the serenity it provides. He's an architect, but he's taken responsibility for the work of his lavender-growing family. The distant relationship she established with her parents, the years she spent alone abroad, her lover Ece, whom she left because she lost her heart and then refused to return to Turkey with him... all this strengthened her need to belong somewhere, like a tree with a solid root. His imagination is wide, but the dream world does not open easily to everyone. When the Earth meets the Flower, it eats the arrow of love right from the center of its heart. Having to overcome Gonca's fears, gain her trust and choose between Ece's marriage proposals and Gonca, the Land will turn into trees whose branches Dec to the ground in severe storms. A tree that will never find its root again if it breaks, and if it bends down, it will lose the sky above its head…

'Erdem Kaynarca' Sign Height Weight

Selin Kök continues to take part in new projects within the management.

He is from the sign of Scorpio, when Virtue Boils. it has a length of 1.77 meters and weighs 74 kilograms.

Where is Erdem Kaynarca Originally From?

In an interview, he said, ‘Where are you from?' Kütük is from Eskişehir, but his paternal side emigrated from the Balkans and Bulgaria. My mother is an Egyptian Coptic. It's complicated, so let's just say I'm from earth. he replied by saying.

He holds the Besiktas football team.


Does he have a girlfriend? Who? His questions are also being asked, but it is not known if the handsome actor has a girlfriend.

Are Erdem Kaynarca And Oktay Kaynarca Related?

Are they related to Erdem Kaynarca Oktay Kaynarca? among the topics that are also very curious Dec Dec the question, but as far as it is known, there is only a similarity of surnames between them.

Social Media Accounts

The young actor uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on social media, but is active only on Instagram.

At the time of this writing, he has 249,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account.

The number of followers of a successful actor is growing every day.

As the number of episodes in the Rose Tale-Gül Masalı series increases, it is expected that this rise will continue to gain momentum.

Twitter Address erdem_kaynarca

Instagram Address erdemkaynarca

Starring Series

2022 – Gül Masalı/ Toprak Atabey

2022 – Annemizi Saklarken/ Bora Demir

2021- Ada Masalı/ Batu

2021- Seyyar/ Suat

2021- Şeref Bey/ Oktay

2020- Gençliğim Eyvah/ Çavi Bozoğlu

2020- Alef/ Celal

2018/19 – Yasak Elma / Dündar Çelikkan

2018 – Bir Deli Rüzgar / Tunahan

2017 – Kalp Atışı / Mehmet


2022- Tek Yön/ Muzo (Short Movie)

2021- Pure White/ Kemal

2021- Children of the Butterfly (Kelebegin Çocukları)/ Murat

2019- The Pit / Zafer (Short Movie)

2017- Proof of Cheating / Sarp (Short Movie)

2017- Ground Level (Short Movie)

2016 – Emanet


METU Players Odtü Oyuncuları (2009-2012) : Coriolanus (William Shakespeare) director: Ziya Can, Bir Yaz Gecesi Rüyası / Midummer Night's Dream (William Shakespeare) director: Sertaç Aydın,Monserrat (Emanuel Robles) director: Ceren Özcan

Duru Theatre (tiyatro Kırmızı) : (Stranger on a Train)(Alfred Hitchcock) director: Neil Fleckman(2012)

Şermola Performance.: Merheba (Hello) (Secchu SENDE) director: Mehmet Atak,(2014-2015)

Kronik Kollektif - MARTI (Seagull) (Anton Chekov) director: Çetin Sarıkartal - Acting Lab. / (2013-2014)

Gövde Gösterisi.(Body Exhibition.) Choreograph: Tuğçe Tuna (physical theater) (2014-2016 seasons)

En Kötü İş. (The Worst Job.) Choreograph: Tuğçe Tuna (İKSV International İstanbul Theatre Festival 16’ )(2016-2017)

- Bienal 13'- İnci Eviner/Co-Action Device(performer) (2013)

Galata Perform /Denizden Gelen (Came from the Sea) (Sencan Oytun) director : Gülce Uğur (2013) (YMYT)

Galata Perform /Leylekler uçarken(While Birds Flying) director: Berfin Zenderlioğlu (YMYT) (2015)

Galata Perform /Yaşlı Çocuk (Old Boy) director: Yeşim Özsoy

      (İKSV International İstanbul Theatre Festival 16’.) (2016-2017)

Kadir Has Üniversitesi: Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare) director: Özlem Özhabeş(2015)/Kadınlar Devleti Women's State (Yücel Erten, Aristophanes) director: Yücel Erten,(2015)/Lunapark (Ödön Horvath Adaptation) dirrctor: SerdarBiliş(2015-2017)

Oyun Atölyesi / Arzu Tramvayı (Streetcar Named Desire) (Tennesse Williams) director: Hira Tekindor (2017-2019)

Galata Perform / Tato (Arthur Palyga) director: Yeşim Özsoy (2017-2018)

TwoTwo Production / RedSpeedo (Lucas Hnath) director: Ahmet Sami Özbudak  (2018-2020) Balat Monologlar Müzesi / showrunner: Ahmet Sami Özbudak (2018-)

Yolcu Tiyatro / Joko’nun Doğumgünü (Roland Topor) director: Umut Ersin Güler (2019 -)

Boa Sahne / H.H.B.İ.V.G.G. (Emre Yüksel) director: Kayhan Berkin


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