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 Who is of Ege Kökenli? Is he married? Who is the wife? How old is she? Date of birthday. Her zodiac sign, age, height, weight. Serials and films in which he starred. Who is the Bahar in the series Hear Me-Duy Beni? A biography article with information about his life. Twitter and Instagram address.

Ege Kökenli Biography - Age

'Ege Kökenli', was born on March 20, 1993 in Kırklareli. She lived in Kırklareli until high school.

She got acquainted with the theater thanks to the year-end play in kindergarten.

when she was 9 years old, she attended an audition that she saw in the newspaper and succeeded in the audition. After that, she started acting.

Her mother is Menekşe Urcan and her father is a former basketball player of 'Ege Kökenli'. During her childhood, she was involved in basketball, ballet, volleyball, handball, athletics and folk dances in Kırklareli. She then settled in Istanbul to study at Saint-Joseph French High School. for 5 years she was involved in the French theater team of the lyceum and graduated from this school in 2012.

After studying at Bilgi University in the department of International Relations for 2 years on a scholarship, she completed his university education at Haliç University by studying at the conservatory.

Serials And Films

Her first television series was the Best Friend-En İyi Arkadaşım series when she was 11 years old. between Dec004 and 2007, she gave life to the character of Ece in this series.

in 2006, she played the character of Gizem in the Anatolian Tiger-Anadolu Kaplanı series starring Çetin Tekindor.

between 2011 and 2012, she gave life to the character of rocker girl Itir Roar Dec in the series 'Yahşi Cazibe'. Thanks to her acting performance in this series, she was highly appreciated and began to become a recognized actress.

in 2013, she played the character of Mari in the TV series “Çalıkuşu”, based on the novel of the same name by Reşat Nuri Güntekin.

in 2014, she gave life to the characters Defne in the series Çiçek in 2014, Melisa Taşkıran in the series Güneşin Kızları-Daughters of the Sun in 2015, Bahar Tunç in the series “Heartbeat-Kalp Atışı” in 2017.

She continued her TV Dec career with series such as Asla Vazgeçmem, Yasak Elma, Benim Tatlı Yalanım, Kefaret, Menajerimi Ara, Doğu.

The first film of Ege Kökenli was the short film After Dark-Karanlıktan Sonra, which he starred in in 2014.

in 2017, she played the role of Seda in the film Taksim Hold'em.

in 2019, she appeared as Nurhan in the movie Aykut Enişte in 2020, Ayşen in the Last Joke-Son Şaka in 2020, and Beren in the movie Obsession in 2022.

Currently, he plays the character of Bahar in the series ‘Hear Me-Duy Beni’, which is broadcast on the Star TV television channel.

Hear Me-Duy Beni, Who is Bahar?

Having completed his education in Istanbul, Bahar started working at the Real College to have his first official professional experience after working for a while for the fight against drugs of young people in non-governmental organizations. Although he initially made mistakes due to his inexperience at the point when he realized the bullying at school, he will do his best to change this distorted order with the help of Selim.

Is He Married? Who Is The Wife? Height and Weight of the Zodiac Sign

The famous actress, who continues to take an active part in new projects, is managed by Günfer Günaydın.

In 2020, she took the first step towards marriage with her lover Lior Ahituv, whom she had been with for many years, and got engaged to an organization attended by her family and friends. The 'Ege Kökenli' is going to marry her fiancé 'Lior Ahituv', with whom she has been together for about five years, at the end of this month.

She is of Ege Kökenli, 1.68 meters tall, 54 kilos and is a Pisces man.

She uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

As of the moment of preparation of this article, he has 936 followers on his Twitter account and 2 million 800 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

The number of followers of a successful player is increasing every day.

As the number of episodes in the series Duy Beni increases, it is expected that this rise will continue to gain momentum.

Twitter Address kokenliege93

Instagram Address kokenliege

TV Shows

2004-2007 En İyi Arkadaşım – Ece

2006 Anadolu Kaplanı – Gizem

2010 Öğretmen Kemal – Peri

2011-2012 Yahşi Cazibe – Itır Kükreyen

2013 Çalıkuşu – Mari Pırlantacıyan

2014 Çiçek – Defne

2015 Güneşin Kızları – Melisa Taşkıran

2015-2016 Asla Vazgeçmem – Yaren Kozan

2017 Kalp Atışı – Dr. Bahar Tunç

2019 Yasak Elma – Yağmur

2019 Benim Tatlı Yalanım – Aylin Tunç

2020-2021 Kefaret – Nil

2021 Menajerimi Ara – Ege Kökenli

2021 Doğu – Zeynep

2022-? Duy Beni – Bahar


2014 Karanlıktan Sonra – Short Movies-
2017 Taksim Hold’em – Seda
2019 Aykut Enişte – Nurhan – Movie
2020 Son Şaka – Ayşen – Movie
2022 Obsesyon – Beren – Movie


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