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 Caner Topçu is on the agenda with its new series. So who is Caner Topçu? Serials and films in which he starred. Age, height, zodiac sign, weight, lover. Who is the 'Kanat' in the series 'Duy Beni-Hear Me'? How old is? What series did he play in? Twitter and Instagram address. A biography article with information about his life.

Caner Topçu Biography - Age

Caner Topçu is an actor of theater, TV series and cinema.

He was born on June 25, 1997 in Istanbul.

After completing primary and secondary school, he studied at Samandira Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. After that, he discovered that he was talented in acting, and Harun Özer studied Theater and Fulya Filazi studied Acting.

He starred in many theatrical plays, such as Beyaz Cehennem-White Hell, Dikkat İnternet Var-There is No Internet, Sarıkamış and İnançtan Zafere- From Faith to Victory.

in 2015, he had his first motion picture experience with the role of Recep in the motion picture Bilinçsizler-Unconscious in 2015.

He started her television adventure in 2019 with the series ‘Nöbet-Sentry’.

in 2018, he appeared in the films Evrensel Döngü: Yaşam Ağacına Yolculuk-Universal Cycle: Journey to the Tree of Life, Evrensel Döngü 2: Zamansal Yolculuk-Universal Cycle 2: Temporal Journey in 2019 with the role of Ömer Ali (Copy).

in 2021, he gave life to the character of the Deniz in the TV series Hiç-Never.

Between 2021 and 2022, he attracted attention with the character of ’İlyas Reis‘, which he portrayed in the series ’Barbaros Dec: Sword of the Mediterranean-Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı'.

He plays the character of ‘Kanat’ in the series Duy Beni, which is currently being broadcast on the Star TV television channel.

Duy Beni-Hear Me, Who is the Kanat?

One of the favorite students of his Real College is the leader of bullies. Although there is a person who hides his conscientious side from everyone and makes himself look cold and cruel outside, his red line is his mother. However, everything will change with the purpose of October's arrival at their school and the fact that they are starting to dig their lives out.

Girlfriend's Height and Weight

The successful actor continues to take part in new projects within the Icon Talent management. He continues his life in the Kartal District of Istanbul. She's a cancer. 1.85 m. he is 77 pounds tall. It is not yet known where she is originally from, whether he has a girlfriend or not.

He uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, he had 2,899 followers on his Twitter account and 57,100 followers on his Instagram account.

The number of followers of the young actor is increasing every day.

It is expected that this rise will gain momentum as the number of episodes in the series Duy Beni increases.

Twitter Address canrtpcu

Instagram Address canrtopcu


2019- Nöbet

2021/2022- Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı/İlyas Reis

2021- Hiç/ Deniz

2022- Duy Beni/ Kanat


2015- Bilinçsizler/ Recep

2018- Evrensel Döngü: Yaşam Ağacına Yolculuk/Ömer Ali (Kopya)

2019- Evrensel Döngü 2: Zamansal Yolculuk/ Ömer Ali (Kopya)

Theatrical Plays

Beyaz Cehennem,

Dikkat İnternet Var

Sarıkamış ve İnançtan Zafere


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