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 Who is Begüm Birgören? Who is the wife? Is she married? Is she divorced? Where is he originally from? Serials and films. Who is your Nesrin in the TV series Tozluyaka? How old is she? Age, zodiac sign, height and weight. Educational life. A biography article with information about his life. Instagram address.

Begüm Birgören Biography - Age

Begüm Birgören is an actress of theater, TV series and motion pictures.

Full name is Ayşe Begüm Birgören.

She was born on September 20, 1982 in Eskişehir.

She is the eldest of two daughters of an economist father and a teacher mother. His mother is of Circassian origin.

she has been interested in theater since the age of 13.

In 2013, she was named the Most Successful Supporting Actress of the Year at the Lions Theater Awards for her acting performance in the play 'Waiting for Autumn-Sonbaharı Beklerken'.

Birgören, who started her acting career with the weekend courses of Müjdat Gezen Art Center, graduated from Bahçeşehir University Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design. She completed her master's degree in Film and Drama at Kadir Has University.

She was discovered by director Oguzhan Tercan during his behind-the-camera internship at Med Production company during college. While doing an internship, she worked behind the camera on the series ”Sweet Life-Tatlı Hayat".

Series And Films

She has taken the first steps of her TV series acting career with series such as Arapsaçı, Mavi Kolye, Pilli Bebek, Beşibiryerde.

2005. “Seher Vakti” at the array in front of the camera with Birgoren, later in his career “Ömre Bedel”, “Ağır Roman: Yeni Dünya’”, “Kaçak”, “Bir Deniz Hikayesi”, “Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz”, “Vurgun”, “Uzak Şehrin Masalı”, “Son Nefesime Kadar” has continued successfully in the array, such as a myriad of many.

Kendime İyi Bak, Göl Zamanı, Türkan, Ali’nin Sekiz Günü, Nokta, Sen Ne Dilersen, Osman Sekiz are some of the films in which he took part.

A successful actor is currently giving life to the character of Nesrin in the TV series Tozluyaka.

Buket Kahraman continues to take part in new projects within the management.

Who Is The Wife? Is He Married? Is she divorced? The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

Begüm Birgören is from the sign of Virgo. 166 cm. he is tall and weighs 52 pounds.

in 2008, they began to live together with the famous actress Sarp Levendoglu. However, their five-year relationship ended in 2013.

Begüm Birgören entered the world house in 2020 with her boyfriend Mehmet Celil, whom she has been with since the beginning of 2019. The couple decided to end their 2-year marriage in 2022.

The player who uses Instagram on social media has 212,000 followers on his blue-clicked account at the time of this article.

Instagram Address begumbirgoren


2021 / Son Nefesime Kadar (Emel)
2017-2016 Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz – İnci
2015 Bir Deniz Hikayesi – Zeynep
2014-2013 Kaçak – Merve
2009 Ömre Bedel – Ömür
2008 Mert İle Gert – Nazlı
2007 Kara Yılan – Elvan
2005 Kırık Kanatlar – Ayşe
2005 Seher Vakti – Melike
2004 Arap Saçı –
2004 Mavi Kolye – Nil
2003 Pilli Bebek – Olcay
2002 Beşibiryerde


2021 Osman Sekiz
2014 Kendine İyi Bak – Yeşim
2012 Göl Zamanı- Elif
2012 Ağır Roman Yeni Dünya – Eylül
2011 Türkan
2010 Kars Öyküleri
2008 Nokta – Elif
2008 Alinin Sekiz Günü – Zeynep
2005 Sen Ne Dilersen – Young Eleni


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