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 Aytaç Uşun is on the agenda with her new series Hear Me-Duy Beni. So who is Aytaç Uşun? Who is Halil in the series Hear Me-Duy Beni? His real name. What series did Aytaç Uşun play in? Serials and films in which he starred. How old is? Her zodiac sign, height and weight. A biography article with information about his life. Twitter and Instagram address.

Aytaç Uşun Biography

Aytaç Uşun is a film, TV series and theater actor.

His full name is Ertugrul Aytac Uşun.

He was born on January 12, 1990 in Istanbul.

from the age of 14, she began performing in theater plays.

High School 1. from grade to senior year, he was employed in the theater branch.

He studied at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Maritime Affairs, Department of Ship Machinery and Management Engineering for a while and then left. Then she graduated from Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater.

Serials And Films

To date, she has starred in numerous short films, motion pictures and serials.

He had her first acting experience in 2013 as a supporting character in the series Nineties-Doksanlar.

After the nineties series, she also entered the world of cinema with the character of Ümit, whom she played in the film “Spirit of Dust-Toz Ruhu” in 2014.

The actor also took part in the motion picture “Silsile” in the same year.

in 2017, he played the roles of Ibrahim in the film Yellow Hot-Sarı Sıcak in 2017, Hakan in the series Heartbeat-Kalp Atışı, Meke in the series Çukurdakiler in 2019, and Recep in the series Wild Things-Vahşi Şeyler in 2021.

From 2017 to 2021, he played the character of ‘Meke’ in the series ‘Çukur’, produced by Ay Yapım, which is the second series of the Show TV television channel. He played the character of 'Meke' in the series 'Çukur'. Dec.

in 2021, he starred in the motion picture We will Die Together-Birlikte Öleceğiz.

Between 2021 and 2022, he gave life to the character of Batu in the TV series Decimation-Üç Kuruş.

Currently, he is giving life to the character of Halil in the series ‘Hear Me-Duy Beni ’, which is broadcast on the Star TV television channel.

Who is Hear Me-Duy Beni , Halil?

he owns the neighborhood grocery store in his 30s. He tried to be both a mother and a father to his brother Bekir, who was thrown into life at an early age due to the early death of his parents. He does not earn money in completely honest ways. However, neither the neighborhood nor his brother knows about his dirty work. He's a cunning man. He does not hesitate to use it to his advantage, seeing the opportunities in each situation.


in 2014, he made his 21st film debut with Silsile. ‘Promising Young Actor’ at Adana International Golden Cocoon Film Festival,

in 2017, he made his 36th film appearance with the Yellow Hot-Sarı Sıcak film. He was awarded the Best Actor awards at the Istanbul Film Festival.

Height, Weight, Zodiac

The famous actor continues to take part in new projects within the Icon talent management agency.

He holds the Besiktas football team. He is from Capricorn. 1.74 m. he is tall and weighs 68 pounds. He continues his life in Kadıköy, Istanbul.

The successful player uses Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on social media.

At the time of this writing, he had 18,700 followers on his Twitter account and 496,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account.

The number of followers of a successful player is increasing every day.

As the number of episodes in the series Duy Beni increases, it is expected that this rise will continue to gain momentum.

Twitter Address aitcsn2

Instagram Address aytacusun

Serials And Films In Which He Played

It Will Be Published Soon– Barış Akarsu Merhaba
Duy Beni (Halil, TV 2022)
Üç Kuruş (Şahin, TV 2021)
Vahşi Şeyler (Recep, TV 2020-2021)
Çukurdakiler (Meke, TV 2019)
Birlikte Öleceğiz (Ali, Movie 2017)
Lady Winsley (Movie 2018)
Çukur (Meke, TV 2017)
Sarı Sıcak (İbrahim, Movie 2017)
Toz Ruhu (Ümit, Movie 2014)
Silsile (Kılıç, Movie 2014)
Doksanlar (Ozi, TV 2013)


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