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 The life of the successful actress Aycan Koptur is curious by the audience. The famous name is currently giving life to the character of Huriye Güngör in the series 'Ah Nerede', which is being broadcast on Star TV screens. That is why a large number and variety of queries are made about him in search engines. Dec.

Who is Aycan Koptur and how old is he? Where is he originally from? What is his zodiac sign, height and weight? What are the serials and films he has starred in so far? The answer to such a large number of questions is curious to citizens. That is why we have prepared a biography article with answers to all these questions for you. We have also added the addresses of the Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts that he uses to our article. Let's remind you that we can update our article as new information appears over time. Here is the life story of the successful actress! A biography article with information about his life.

Aycan Koptur Biography - Age

Aycan Koptur is a theater, TV series and motion picture actress

Was born on February 24, 1994 in Antalya.

she is the youngest child of 4 sisters in the family.

One of her older sisters graduated from the theater department.

He completed his high school education at the Conservatory Department of Music in Antalya.

She studied at the Department of Cinema and Television of Bilgi University.

Koptur later settled in London, where he continued his film education.

Series And Movies

since 2012, Muhteşem Yüzyıl-the Magnificent Century has given the start of her acting career with series such as Çocuklar Duymasın-Let the Children Not Hear.

To date, the actress has made successful performances in numerous serials and films, and also appeared in various commercials.

The young actress, known for the sketches broadcast on the Beyaz Show, played the character of Birce Kaya in the television series Hayat Ağacı-Tree of Life in 2014.

in 2015, she took part in the series Boogeyman of the Yılanların Öcü-Snakes with the role of Habibe.

After that, he appeared as a banker in the 2016 film Küçük Esnaf, which featured Cengiz Bozkurt, Ibrahim Büyükak and Gupse Özay.

in 2018, she appeared in the role of Ayşen in Yol Arkadaşım 2-My Companion 2, starring Ibrahim Büyükak and Oguzhan Koç.

Aycan Koptur, who also took part in the role of Arzu in one of the most watched films of recent years, Cinayet Süsü-Murder Ornament, also joined the Guldur Guldur Show team in 2019.

in 2020, the famous name who appeared in the role of Fatoş in the movie Feride gave life to the character of Vildan in the television series Kazara Aşk-Accidental Love, which was broadcast on Star Tv screens in 2021.

Today, she is giving life to the character of Huriye Güngör in the Ah Nerede TV series, which is also a Star TV series.

Who is Ah Nerede - Huriye?

Huriye Güngör

Huriye is the cousin of Zehra, the daughter of Perihan's brother. She's a very flirtatious woman. His biggest fear is Ali's brother. His biggest weakness is handsome men. Huriye is the one who took the first step that caused the paths of Zehra and Ferit to merge.

Aycan Koptur Height And Weight

Apart from acting, he usually spends his time with music and other relaxing activities.

The actress, who is always imprinted in memories with his smiling face, plays instruments and sings in his spare time.

The actress, who has been living in London since 2017, is based in Turkey during her periods of work.

She is currently registered with the We Talent management agency and continues to take part in new projects.

he is 1.64 cm tall. it weighs 52 kilograms. Pisces is the sign.

Where is He originally From?

The famous actress is originally from Antalya.

At the time of this writing, he has 3,019 followers on Twitter, 1,200 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Twitter aycankoptur

İnstagram aycankoptur

YouTube AycanKoptur

Serials And Films In Which He Played

Ah Nerede (Huriye Güngör, TV 2022)

Kazara Aşk (Vildan, TV 2021)

Feride (Fatoş, Movie 2020)

Cinayet Süsü (Şüpheli Kadın, Movie 2019)

Catharsis (Feste, Short Movie 2019)

Yol Arkadaşım 2 (Ayşen, Movie 2018)

Dayan Yüreğim (Buse, TV 2017)

Aslan Ailem (Selin, TV 2017)

Seviyor Sevmiyor (Ela, TV 2016)

Küçük Esnaf (Bankacı, Movie 2016)

Yılanların Öcü (Movie 2014)

Hayat Ağacı (Movie 2014)

Hayat Ağacı (Birce Kaya, TV 2014)

Çocuklar Duymasın (Ece, TV 2013)


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