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 Who is the character of Burçak Abalı from the TV series 'Ah Nerede' is he really? Who is Asena Keskinci by her real name and where is she from? How old is she? 'Reyhan Asena Keskinci' is her height and weight. What's his sign? Instagram address. Movies and series in which he has played to date. A biography article with information about him. Wikipedia information.

Asena Keskinci Biography - Age

Asena Keskinci is an actress of theater, TV series and motion pictures.

Her full name is Reyhan Asena Keskinci.

She was born on April 20, 2001 in Istanbul as the child of Güray Keskinci and Ayşe Keskinci.

She attended high school at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Anatolian High School.

She received his university education at the Istanbul University State Conservatory in the theater department.

Asena Kesginci Movies And TV Series

she started her acting career with commercials when she was 2 years old and continued her acting career mostly with serials and motion pictures.

The thief took part in many serials, such as Hırsız Polis, Bez Bebek, Dedemin Dolabı, Köstebekgiller.

In addition, she has appeared in numerous motion pictures, such as Bir Aşk Hikayesi, Ahlat Ağacı, Arapsaçı, Keman Ağıtları.

in the series Masumiyet-Innocence, which was broadcast on FOX TV screens in 2021, Hande Hancı brought his character to life.

Currently, he is giving life to the character of Burçak Abalı in the series 'Ah Nerede', which is broadcast on the Star TV television channel.

Who is Ah Nerede-Burçak?

Burçak Abalı

Burçak is a voice artist. In his opinion, he is a star, but in fact he is a young musician with a reputation who performs as a subgroup at concerts and festivals. He loves himself excessively and likes it very much. He's also someone who can be very aggressive when he's angry. Of course, when he finds out that Ferit is cheating on him, he will make him pay for this betrayal.


Thanks to his acting performances in the projects in which he took part, he has also been awarded many awards to date.

in 2009, Aslan Max was awarded the “Best Children's Actor of the Year”

Trt Women's Awards “Best Child Actor of the Year” in 2010

Bodrum Film Festival in 2014 “The Best Children's Actor of the Year”

in 2015, Çamlıca High School received the “Best Young Player of the Year” award.

Height And Weight! What's His Sign? Instagram Address

Selçuk Kaya is a young talent coach who is registered with the management agency and still continues to take an active part in various projects.

She is 1.66 tall and weighs 50 pounds.

Instagram uses more social media and has 283,000 followers on its blue-clicked Instagram account as of the time of this article.

Asena Keskinci İnstagram asenakeskinci


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