Zeynep Oymak Biography - Age - Boyfriend

 Who is Zeynep Oymak? How old is she? Date of birthday. Starring serials. Her lover, age, height, weight, zodiac sign. Who is Ayşegül in the TV series Sevmek Zamanı-Time to Love? A biography article with information about his life.

Who is Zeynep Oymak?

She was born on August 28, 1991.

She had her first acting experience in the series “Kiralık Aşk-Love for Rent” in 2015.

in 2017, she appeared in the motion picture ”4N1K" with the role of Ece.

in 2019, she starred in the motion picture ”Dirlik Düzenlik".

In the same period, he played the character of Burcu in the series Şeref Bey in the series Saadet 2021 in the series “Söz”.

In the same year, she gave life to the character of Arzu in the Menajerimi Ara-Dec My Manager series.

in 2019, she was the name of the actor in the motion picture ”Dirlik Düzenlik".

Nowadays, she gives life to the character of Ayşegül in the series Sevmek Zamanı, which is broadcast on ATV screens.

The Weight of the Zodiac Sign for Life

The young actress Yasemin Ozbudun continues to take part in new projects within the management.

She is from the sign of Virgo. 1.72 m. she is tall and weighs 50 pounds.

The latest news that he is dear to Kaan Urgancioglu has been published in the press.

At the time of this writing, she has 29,100 followers on her Instagram account.

Instagram zeynepoymak

Serials And Films

2021 - Menajerimi Ara (Arzu) (TV)
2021 - Şeref Bey (Burcu) (TV)
2019 - Dirlik Düzenlik (Movie)
2017 - 4N1K (Ece) (Movie)
2017 - Söz (Saadet) (TV)
2015 - Kiralık Aşk (TV)


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