RECEP İVEDİK 7 Trailer - Cast

 The Recep Ivedik film series has been watched with interest in Turkey for many years. The last film in the series was released only because it was released on Dec Plus, a digital platform, cinema lovers are looking for the trailer video of the film in search engines. He is trying to get information about the plot of the film and the actors. That is why we have prepared an informative article for you. Here are all the details about Recep Ivedik 7!

Recep Ivedik 7 Cast And Subject

The subject of the movie Recep Ivedik 7, which will be released on Disney+ Turkey, has been announced, the first frames from the set have been released.

The first frames from the set of the film, which is expected to take its place on the platform in the last quarter of the year and is being shot in Ayvalik, were released.

Produced by Laundry Film, written by Şahan & Togan Gökbakar, starring Şahan Gökbakar, Öznur Serçeler, Irfan Kangı, Murat Ergür, Eray Türk and Nurullah Çelebi, the subject of the film is as follows:

Depressed by the city life and economic conditions, Recep Ivedik decides to take his best friend Nurullah with him and go to the village house he inherited from his paternal grandmother. While enjoying village life, Recep Ivedik, who is aware of the existence of a large project that will damage the village and the surrounding forests, will join hands with the villagers and embark on an exciting and funny adventure against this project.

Recep Ivedik 7 Trailer

Recep Ivedik 7 trailer or promotional video has not been released on any platform yet, but Şahan Gökbakar recently shared two videos. She shared these videos on Instagram and Twitter. We have added these shares for you at the end of our article.


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