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 What is the Balkan Ninnisi series about? So who are the players? When and on which channel will it start? Where is it being filmed? Who is the producer? Who is the director and screenwriter? What does the story of the series tell about its plot? We have prepared an informative article with answers to all these questions. The Balkan Ninnisi - Balkan Lullaby actors and the characters they portray are curious. We have listed it for you in our article. You can also access the social media accounts of the series at the bottom of the article. Here are all the details about the Balkan Ninnisi - Balkan Lullaby series!

Where is the Balkan Ninnisi Filmed?

Saturday May 15, the filming of the series “Balkan Ninnisi”, one of the most ambitious productions that TRT 1 will bring to the screen in the summer season, had started in Skopje. The series crew, who went to Macedonia for filming, was the center of attention. Erdal Özyağcılar, the lead actor of the film, was showered with love by Skopje residents, shopkeepers, shoppers in the Turkish Bazaar in Skopje, Skopians and tourists lined up to take a souvenir photo with the Özyağcılar. The series is filmed in an Ottoman Mansion.

The Subject of the Balkan Ninnisi

The Balkan Ninnisi tells a love story set in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, where the Vardar River divides it in two, joined by a Stone Bridge.

"Balkan Ninnisi" tells the story of the struggle of two young people of different nationalities to achieve the impossible for the sake of their love in Skopje, which has remained an Ottoman city for 600 years, where Turks and Albanians on the one hand and Macedonians on the other, lead their lives.

In the series, sections of the lives of Turkish and Macedonian families, whose lives have crossed before, who met in a historical mansion as a quirk of fate, and two young people who love each other to death will be revealed.

Balkan Ninnisi Cast

The series, which tells the sincere, extremely sincere and joyful stories of the Balkan people, will attract attention with its skillful cast. Erdal Özyağcılar and Özlem Türkad, the master names of the art world, are starring in the series with Emre Bey and Merih Öztürk, Hakan Boyav, Can Kolukısa, Suzan Akbelge, Sarp Bozkurt, Gözde Çığacı, Deniz Gürkan, Emine Halil, Burak Rahman, Süleyman Kara, Kaan Turgut and Erman Saban.

Cast And Characters

Erdal Özyağcılar – Süleyman

Özlem Türkad – Neriman

Merih Öztürk – Jovanka

Emre Bey – Ertan

Gözde Çığacı – Gülsüm

Hakan Boyav – Daniel

Deniz Gürkan – Gülbahar

Erman Saban – Hayati

Sarp Bozkurt – Arif

Süleyman Kara – Mustafa

Mustafa Jašar

Kaan Turgut – Pavel

Bedija Begovska

Elyesa Kaso

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Music

”Balkan Ninnisi" is directed by Dogan Umit Karaca. “Balkan Ninnisi”, written by Uğur Uzunok, combines Turkish works with Balkan melodies that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries and are very popular in the same pot. The series will also be in the spotlight with their music. The music of ”Balkan Ninnisi" will be performed by Alper Atakan. The promotional trailer videos for the Balkan Ninnisi series, which will be produced by Uğur Uzunok and Yalçın Arı, have also been published.

Balkan Ninnisi Social Media Accounts




Balkan Ninnisi Trailer


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