Actors And Subject Of The Series Seversin - New Turkish Series 2022

 Seversin is a Turkish romantic comedy television series signed by D Productions, first broadcast on June 1, 2022, directed by Serdar Özelekli, written by Barış Erdoğan and Ilker Arslan, and starring Burak Yorük and Ilayda Alışan.

The filming of the new and entertaining romantic TV series Seversin began in Muğla and is being done in popular districts of Istanbul.

The Subject of the Series Seversin

Tolga is a young actor at the peak of his fame, but unsatisfied, and Asya is a clerk who dreams of studying at a university and working in a shopping mall. When the paths of these two young people who look at life as differently as black and white cross as a result of coincidences, two different worlds collide with each other. While Asya suddenly finds herself in a life she has never been curious about, the lover of young girls will pay a heavy price for underestimating Asya in Tolga.

Actors of the Series Seversin


Asya has opened its eyes to the world in a side-by-side neighborhood of Istanbul. She is the number three daughter of her family. He lost his father when he was ten years old. She's a beautiful, charming girl. He is one of those who, even when he wears a decent and light make-up, turns around and makes you look at him. But he doesn't do that either, he doesn't do a lot of makeup like that. Simplicity is the word that best describes it. She works as a clerk in one of the chain clothing stores, and also prepares for university exams within her own means.

Studying at the Faculty of Literature in the evening department of a good university is his greatest dream. He is interested in literature, poetry, but he does not show them to anyone. Having a published book is the biggest dream that no one knows about. He is blind, does not feed his right, does not postpone the evil done to tomorrow, does not forget. Because of this ”Tomboy" trait, she has also been her late father's favorite daughter Asya.


Tolga is a handsome young man in his late twenties with an athletic physique. Since his mother was a former actress, he has grown up in TV series, movies, advertising since childhood, but he has never been able to get where he wants. Her mother Suzan showed Tolga around the set from the age of six. He has come up to the lead role by jumping steadily from job to job. Tolga did not neglect to finish university between the times, and he managed to continue his education with acting. Dec. Suzan's mother had the biggest share in this. She took dance lessons, studied acting, while her peers played on the street. School life, adolescence, high school years, college years have always been lonely, he has never had any friends properly. Tolga fell in love once in his life, and he gave it up for the sake of his career.


Suzan is a beautiful and charming woman. In his youth, Türkan Şoray tells us that he had the potential to become Hülya Koçyiğit, that everyone said this, but he was unlucky. She has always been the second woman, she has always stayed behind. As time went on, he struggled a lot to be number one, and as he struggled, he was filled with anger and jealousy. Levent's father, who is madly in love with himself, is rich. Levent and Suzan get married in an epic ceremony. As soon as they put their son Tolga in their arms, he feels that he is alive again. She is such a beautiful baby that her son realizes at that very moment that his son also has the stage light that he has. For many years he trains his son, manages his life and achieves his goal. It takes him to the top.


Sharife Çelikbaş, Asia's mother. In middle age, she is still a beautiful, slightly crazy woman according to her age. A sheriff who has not been a mature woman his entire life can sometimes be so naive that he can lose what he has to a steel pot seller who comes home in the palm of his hand, and sometimes he can be a hin and turn someone's back into a game that will never be expected of him.

The Cast And Characters Of The Series Seversin

Burak Yoruk - Tolga Danube

Ilayda Alishan - Asia

Zeynep Kankonde - Şerife

Daffodil Kumbasar - Suzan

Bard Dağgez - Ferdi

Ceren Taşçı – Nesrin

Ergül Miray Şahin –

First Gunsmith –

Yiğit Dikmen - Selcuk

Khazal Benli - Selin

Khalil Ibrahim Kurum – Muro


Script: Barış Erdoğan- Ilker Arslan

Directed by Serdar Özelekli

Actors: Burak Yoruk, Ilayda Alişan, Nergis Kumbasar, Zeynep Kankonde, Ceren Taşçı, Ozan Dağgez, Halil Ibrahim Kurum, Ilkin Tüfekçi, Ergul Miray Şahin, Hazal Benli, Atakan Yilmaz, Yiğit Dikmen, Ceren Yıldırım, Elif Çapkin, Yağmur Gurur and Nihayet Şahin


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