Who is Demircan Kaçel? How old is? Date of birthday. Starring serials. Who are the Üç Kız Kardeş -Three Sisters Mesut? A short biography article with information about his life.

Who is Demircan Kaçel?

Demircan Kaçel (born September 13, 1999) is a theater and television actor.

He attended high school at Işılay Saygın Fine Arts and Sports High School.

She studied acting at Folkart Academy.

in 2019, she played in the TV series Tek Yürek, which is a TRT 1 Series.

in 2020, she performed in the theater play Cyrano De Bergerac (Christian).

in 2021, she starred in the TV series Mavera. In the same year, he gave life to the character Metin in the series Yalancılar Ve Mumları - Liars And Their Candles.

as of 2022, she is giving life to the character of Mesut in the series Üç Kız Kardeş - Three Sisters, which is a Channel D series.

The young actress continues to take part in new projects under the management of "Icon Talent".

Demircan Kaçel, who is from the sign of Virgo, loves animals very much and has a very good relationship with music.

The player who plays a lot of guitar in his spare time has 12,900 followers on his Instagram account as of the time of this article.

This number is expected to increase as the number of episodes featuring the Three Sisters series increases.

Instagram Address demircankacell

Who Are the Üç Kız Kardeş - Three Sisters Mesut?

His family, who emigrated to Germany, did not take Mesut with them because he was disabled. His physical development stopped at the age of 16 and his mental development stopped at the age of 8. He constantly steals mailman Irfan's letters in the hope of a letter from his family. This is how he met Sadik, the Post Office Manager, and how he became his spiritual son. After Sadiq Bey takes him home, he will give him envelopes written on them so that Mesut will be happy, and Mesut will keep these envelopes in a box full of mysteries for the rest of his life.


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