YİĞİT ARSLAN Biography - Yemin (The Promise) Mert

 Yiğit Arslan is an athlete and actor born in 2005.

he became the Turkish Karting Formula Junior Champion in 2019.

He started his motorsport career in the mini category (60 cc 13 hp) in 2016 with the financial and moral support of his family.

In 2017, his first season, he started in the Turkish Karting Championship in 7 races; he took first place 1 time, second place 3 times, third place 3 times and finished the season

Turkey 3.he completed it as a su.

For the 2017 season, 7 more pilots competed with him in the Mini-Category 7-12 age group.

Although it was his first season and he was racing by learning, he finished 2nd in his first race at the Gulf circuit. It has happened.

The second race was at the Izmir circuit. Although he fell behind with the contact of his opponent while leading in this race, he did his best and finished 3rd. It has happened.

Although the third race was planned as a Butler track on the calendar, it was held in Tuzla, Istanbul due to the problems experienced by the organizer club. He trained well and although he missed the first place by a small margin, he finished 2nd. It has happened.

He was again at the Istanbul/Tuzla track for the fourth race. Since the previous races were his first season, there were also tracks where he competed for the first time and learned something new. But this time he had the opportunity to run his second race on the same track, and he finished 1st as the fastest of the day. It has happened.

The fifth race was at the Bay circuit again. He had a flat tire on the first lap and had to enter the pit. Although he fell backwards, he increased his speed and finished 3rd. It has happened.

The sixth race was at the Nilüfer track in Bursa. Again, it was going to be the first time he was going to race on a track, and this time the ground was wet, it was raining.

Despite other experienced competitors, 2. It has happened.

He was again at the Istanbul Tuzla circuit for the seventh and final race. This time there was a slightly wet, slightly dry floor. It wasn't easy again, but it's 3. It has happened.

As a result of these 7 races in which she competed, Mini Category Turkey 3.it was water.

Nowadays, he gives life to the character of Mert in the series Yemin, which is broadcast on the screens of Channel 7.

She uses Instagram on social media. At the time of this writing, he has 10,600 followers on his account.

Instagram Address yigitarslanracer


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