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 The Actors of the Series 'Yalnız Kurt' Are the Subject of the Names of the Cast Characters

The Yalnız Kurt series is a Turkish action drama television series.

Cihan Ünal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Polat Bilgin are among the successful actors of the ATV series Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf) signed by Osman Tesin 

names are included. The film is directed by Çağatay Tosun, produced by Sinegraf, and the production supervisor is Yusuf Ömer Tesin, and the screenplay is 

The series was written by Murat Koca and Ali Alper Erze, and produced by Osman Sinin.

Friday January 28, 2022, the first episode of the series aired on ATV at 20:00. The new episodes of the series air on Friday evenings.

The cast members and the names of the characters they portray are listed below. Introductory articles for the characters have also been added.

The Names Of Yalnız Kurt Cast And The Characters They Portray Are Illustrated

Cihan Ünal - Commander

I'm Davud Bahadur... aka Commander... Former soldier and intelligence officer. I'm exactly eighty-one years old. I've dedicated my life to fighting a monster, I haven't been able to defeat it. I haven't given up, I don't have any! All I ask of God is to see before I die that the monster called Goliath, his bloody organizations, and dirty hands have been uprooted from this ancient land.

Hasan Denizyaran - Altay

My name is Altay Kurtoğlu... I was eight years old when my parents were killed in front of me. They wanted to kill me too, they couldn't do it; I survived. For twenty years, I have been looking for death on the streets, in illegal fights; it was my past, not death, that stood out to me. Now I know who my parents' killers are. Now I know who orphaned and orphaned the beautiful children of my country. I'm burning with a vengeance.

Damla Colbay - Sare

I am a Sare Turkmen...I was ten years old. The killer of our parents was going to kill my twin Esra and me too. Killed him. My whole world changed that day. I was the daughter of a mafia father. I had the blood of a murderer on my hand. I was an outcast. The Viking took care of me and Esra... and raised us both as Orphan Wolves. My life hasn't been mine since then. I couldn't play games with my peers; I never fell in love; I never had dreams. I'm nothing but a cold gun pointed at the enemy…

Kürşat Alnıaçık - Viking

My real name is Tekin Giritli... I'm an Orphan Wolf raised as an intelligence officer... The people who raised me, my teachers, my friends I grew up with, the Orphaned Wolves of my house, they all left one by one. Some were destroyed with dirty machinations, others were debunked in prison. Dozens of my patriotic friends named in the cosmic room were shot in the middle of the street. No one expects me to pity my enemy; I'm a hawk who wants to put his paw in their flesh; I don't have pity…

Murat Han - Doğan

My name is Doğan Sakınmaz... I came from the streets and sat at the head of the mafia. It wasn't given to me; I bought it. But it's not enough. I'm still number seven; there are still those who are higher than me. It won't be enough to get to the top without a trick. I'll give everything I have to sacrifice on this road. Except for my Esra…

Polat Bilgin - Nizam

Your name is Nizamettin Köz. I'm the child of a poor family. My father placed me in the dormitory of a parish so that I could read. I'm fed up, I'm loved, I'm appreciated. I was theirs now. "You will read it," they said, I read it. "You're going to be an intelligence officer," they said; I have been. They said, "shoot," I hit," they said, "stop," I stopped. I finally became the number six of the organization responsible for military operations.

Hilmi Özçelik - Ahmet

My father was a policeman like me, and my grandfather was a policeman, and I followed their path. My God has bestowed it, my elders have awarded it, and I have risen to the Police Department. "The state is the head, the raven is the carcass," my grandfather said; we will not disobey the state. You don't get to eat a bite you don't deserve, you don't get to sit in a position I don't deserve. If the state has given an assignment, there will be no betraying it.

Yaprak Medine - Mira

My full name is Semiramis Myers Hanzade... My father is American... I also took the surname Hanzade from my mother; my mother is a descendant of the palace. His grandfather was one of the grooms of the palace, accused of betraying the Sultan and exiled. Part of me is American, part of me is Turkish, but my soul is haymatlos; I have no heart for any country, no one. My loyalty is only to Goliath and only to him...

Göktan Oktay Göztepe - Akif

My father was beating me; I ran away from home. They found it a few times and took it home, and I ran away again. I was running away from my father's beating; I was also beaten in the street, I couldn't escape. I have a young brother; my brother Altay... I wouldn't have survived without him, maybe... I would have died if he said die.

Almina Günaydın - Ela

My mother loved my father very much... But my father couldn't love us anyway; my mother left us both when she was pregnant with me... My mother Esra is the best mother in the world. There's nothing he can't do for me. I'm so scared that something will happen to him. He's always falling in love with the wrong people.

The Story of Yalnız Kurt

The series is about the struggle against Goliath, a global imperial power that changes the borders of countries on a map, divides countries into small parts, overthrows governments with a coup and establishes puppet governments on its side, nets and deceives people in the name of Allah, establishes terrorist organizations and communities.

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