The Story And Actors Of The Film 'OKUL TIRAŞI' - Watch The Trailer Full


“Okul Tıraşı”, which often mentions its name with the awards it has won at national and international festivals where it competes, meets with moviegoers.

The film, signed by award-winning director Ferit Karahan, has been in theaters since March 18th! The film, which went to international festivals before the vision, won 22 awards.

The Topic of Okul Tıraşı

Ferit Karahan's second feature film “Okul Tıraşı” brings to the screen the touching story of Yusuf, who tries to take his sick friend to the doctor in a boarding school where pressure and discipline are intense, but has to overcome the school's bureaucracy, the callousness of the administration and difficult geographical conditions.

Directed by Ferit Karahan, Okul Tıraşı is about the events that develop when Yusuf's friend Memo, who is studying at a boarding school outside the city, was suddenly disturbed and his request to take him to the hospital was not accepted by the school administration on time and roads were closed due to heavy snowfall.

Studying at a boarding school for boys, completely isolated from the city and governed by strict discipline, Yusuf wants to get his friend, who has become mysteriously ill and whose condition is getting worse every moment, to the hospital. Initially, the Memo was not taken to the hospital due to school bureaucracy, but after that, if desired, it cannot be delivered to the hospital due to heavy snow blocking roads. Teachers and students who are waiting for the roads to open, trying to get away with it, brutal reckonings and the secrets they keep also come to light.

Actors of the Okul Tıraşı Movie

Kanat Doğramacı is the producer of Ferit Karahan's “Okul Tıraşı”, which he wrote together with Gulistan Acet and is sitting in the director's chair. The film, which also contains traces of Karahan's own life, stars Ekin Koç, Mahir Ipek, Cansu Fırıncı, Melih Selçuk and child actor Samet Yildiz.

Actors And Characters

Samet Yıldız - Yusuf

Ekin Koç - Selim

Mahir İpek - Müdür

Melih Selçuk - Kenan

Cansu Fırıncı - Hamza

Nurullah Alaca - Memo

Where Was the Okul Tıraşı Taken?

The other child actors in the cast of ”Okul Tıraşı" were selected from the local people of the region in the Bahcesaray district of Van, where the shooting took place. The film is edited by Sercan Sezgin and Hayedeh Safiyari, and the cinematography is by Türksoy Gölebeyi, and the worldwide distribution is handled by Italy-based Intramovies.

“Okul Tıraşı”, an Asteros Film production, distributed by CGV Mars Distribution, is in theaters!

Watch Full Trailer Of Okul Tıraşı

Who is Ferit Karahan?

University of Marmara. after graduation, he shot commercials and promotional films. he worked as an assistant director in motion pictures for 4 years. His short films ”Before the Flood“ and ”Joseph's Dream" competed at more than 50 festivals and received awards. His first feature film ”Getting Fired from Heaven" received the Special Award for Best Film at Antalya International FF and Mahmut Tali at Ankara International FF. “School Shave" was screened in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival and received a FIPRESCI Award.

His short films ”Before the Flood“ and ”Yusiv's Dream" were screened at many festivals, won awards and honorable mentions. His first feature film “The Fall from Heaven” was screened at the Antalya Film Festival and won the Best Film award. He also won the First Prize for the Best Film at the Ankara Film Festival, and then it was screened at more than 15 festivals and won more than 10 awards. Ferit's second feature film “Brother's Keeper” was screened at the Berlinale and won the FIPRESCI award.

Awards for Which He Received a Okul Tıraşı

71 . Berlin International Film Festival (World premiere) - FIPRESCI Award

38 . International Fajr Film Festival - Best Screenplay Award

36 . International Valencia Film Festival CINEMA JOVE - Best Film, Best Audience Award

28 . European Film Festival Palić - Best Director Award

11 . Atlántida Film Festival - Critics Award

17 . International Kazan Muslim Film Festival - Award for Best Actor, Award for Best Director

37 . Haifa International Film Festival - Special Jury Prize

2021 Chicago International Film Festival - Best Film Award (Golden Hugo)

2021 Duhok International Film Festival - Best Kurdish Script Award

2021 Isfahan International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults – Honorary Award

2021 Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival - Special Interest Award

2021 Ourense Independent Film Festival - 'I am Carlos Geli' Award

28 . Sarajevo Film Festival - Audience Award

58 . Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival - Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing Award

32 . Ankara International Film Festival - Award for Best Editing, Best Supporting Actor

9 . Bosphorus Film Festival - Best Director, Best Editing Award


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