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 Who is 'Özgü Kaya' and where is it originally from? Who is the lover? How old is she? Who is Turkan in the series 'Three Sisters-Üç Kız Kardeş'? The answers to these questions are currently quite curious. The series starring the artist named 'Özgü Kaya' is being searched for in search engines. In addition, birthday date, age, zodiac sign, height and weight information are also being wondered about. For this reason, we have prepared a biography article with information about the famous actor for you. We have also added Twitter and Instagram addresses to our article. Here is the life and unknowns of Özgü Kaya!

Who is the 'Unique Rock' and Where is It From? Who Is The Lover? Age Height Weight Mounting 

Özgü Kaya was born on February 5, 1996 in Istanbul.

Originally, his hometown is Uşak Eşme.

He is from the sign of Aquarius. His height is 1.68 meters and his weight is 53.

She is in love with her colleague Serdar Şanal.

Özgü Kaya Family

He completed his high school education at the Fine Arts High School in Uşak.

when he won the university at the age of 18, he moved to Istanbul. He has a brother who is 3 years younger than him.

His mother and father were married at a very young age.

His mother is a housewife, and his father is a musician and photographer.

They have a farm, and therefore he was brought up familiar with horses.

She graduated from the Opera Singing Department of Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Özgü Kaya Series

in 2017, Erdal Beşikçioğlu played the character of Sibel Yılmaz in the Adı Efsane series starring Gökçe Bahadır and Rojda Demir, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens. He also performed the music for the Adı Efsane series.

After Özgü Kaya, she gave life to the character of Zeynep in the series Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare, which was broadcast on TRT 1 between 2018 and 2019.

in 2019, she gave life to the character of Sevda Eğilmez in the series titled Kimse Bilmez, which was broadcast on Atv screens.

in 2021, she appeared in the TV series Ex Aşkım with the role of Yosun.

as of 2022, she is portraying the character of Turkan in the series Üç Kız Kardeş, a series of Kanal D television channel.

Who is Üç Kız Kardeş of Türkan?

Türkan is a Cinderella in a fairy tale, a Rapunzel locked in a fairy-tale castle... Although her life may seem like a fairy-tale world from the outside, there are only Türkan's tears behind the closed doors. Türkan has always thought that he has no merit other than his beauty. If it weren't for that, her mother wouldn't have liked her just because she was “beautiful”. Türkan, who was the first eye pain of the family, was always a beautiful, delicate, fragile daughter of her mother, she always thought that she needed protection, she raised her like that. It is for this reason that Turkan did not have the right to choose anything in his life. She didn't choose her husband or the hellish life she lived after her marriage for herself. No one knows how much longer he will be content with his fate as a Rapunzel trapped in a tower without stairs.

Some Information About Özgü Kaya

He loved exploring music he never knew, playing the guitar, dancing. Tango was one of the types of dance he especially liked. Decadent.

In his spare time, he plays sports, enjoys pilates and meditates.

The player who loves animals very much had a dog named Vegas.

The actress, whose voice is beautiful, often receives album offers, but for now she is thinking about continuing her career in acting.

Especially because he is very similar to Türkan Şoray, in the following years, the desire to take part in a project that tells about the life of Türkan Şoray was expressed by cinema and TV series lovers in many media.

Özgü Kaya Social Media Accounts

Due to her beauty, the actress, to whom attention is focused, actively uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, he has 19,400 followers on his Twitter account. Her blue-clicked Instagram account has 1 million 700 thousand followers.

There are also many fan accounts opened in his name.

The number of followers of a successful player is increasing every day. This increase is expected to gain momentum as new episodes of the Üç Kız Kardeş series are released.

Özgür Kaya is managed by Rabia Sultan.

Twitter Address ozguukaya

Instagram Address kayaozgu


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