MEHMET BAŞTÜRK Biography - Series - Yemin (The Promise) Baran

 Who is Mehmet Baştürk? How old is? Where is He originally From? Who is the Yemin-in Baran? Serials and films in which he starred. A biography article with information about his life.

Mehmet Baştürk is a model, actor and commentator. Mehmet Baştürk, born on May 10, 1993 in Lefkoşa, is originally from Bayburt.

He completed his primary school education in Istanbul and high school in Kocaeli. Mehmet Baştürk, who graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in Economics, has been interested in bağla for many years and has studied piano and singing. She loves to read poetry and has also studied diction, presenter and announcer for a semester.

There are 3 motion pictures of the successful actor. Mehmet Baştürk, who played the lead role in the 2019 films ”45-25 Kusursuz Cinayet“ and ”Araf-3“, has recently starred in the motion picture ”Siyah Incinin Sırrı-2", and the motion picture "Siyah Incin-2" is an international production.

Actress Mehmet Baştürk attracts attention by commenting on poetry on his own YouTube channel in addition to modeling. Mehmet Baştürk, who has developed and continues to develop himself in the field of modeling, acting and interpretation, shares the stories that need to be learned and the emotion-laden poems that he interprets on his YouTube channel.

In 2020, Baştürk managed to lock the audience on the screen with the character of Ozan, a schizophrenic and obsessive character in the series “Emanet”, and received full marks from the audience with the comments “Does a bad character make you love yourself so much” on social media.

A successful actor is now giving life to the character of Baran in the Channel 7 series Yemin.

The height and weight information of Mehmet Baştürk, who is from Taurus, is not known at the moment. As the co-founder of CM Yapım, which operates in advertising, organization, Web design, casting, management and publishing services, Baştürk actively uses social media and also has a personal website of his own.

Personal Website

Twitter mehmetbasturkmb

Facebook MehmetbasturkMB 

Instagram Mehmetbasturkmb 

YouTube Mehmet Baştürkmb

Mehmet Baştürk TV Series and Movies

2018- Hayat Fakültesi -  Adem

2019- Araf 3 - Film - Zeki

2019- 45-25 Kusursuz Cinayet - Film - Mehmet

2020- Siyah İncinin Sırrı 2 - Film-Hakan

2020- Emanet - Dizi - Ozan

2012 - Yemin - Baran


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