Kara Tahta Series Cast - Story - Trailer - 2022 New Turkish TV Series

 The series is produced by Üs Yapım, directed by Ender Mihlar and starring Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner, and written by Erkan Birgören.


Atlas, who has been subjected to various bullying during his high school years, is appointed as a mathematics teacher at the school he graduated from many years later. Is this turn of Atlas, who had to face his ex-girlfriend Irmak, a coincidence or a coincidence? This will restart an unfinished love.

Kara Tahta Series Actors Names The Characters They Portray

Furkan Andıç - Atlas

Miray Daner - Irmak

Cengiz Bozkurt - Arif

Çiçek Dilligil - Sevgi

Mine Tüfekçioğlu - Ülfet

Onur Durmaz - Cafer

Selen Uçer - Münevver

Kerem Arslanoğlu - Bekir

Taylan Meydan - İskender

Nizam Namidar - Hikmet

Yasemin Yazıcı - Esra

Veda Terzioğlu - İrem

Murat Danacı - Harun

Ömer Faruk Uluocak - Nevzat

When Will the Kara Tahta Series Start?

The Kara Tahta, which is being shot, will meet its audience soon at TRT 1. The series, which has been promoted on social media, is expected to reach high ratings.

Üs Yapım, which has mentioned its name a lot in successful productions before, is expected to launch its new project ‘Kara Tahta - Blackboard’ on TRT 1 screens on Wednesday evening, March 30, but there is no definite announced date.

Kara Tahta Instagram Address karatahtatrt

The Kara Tahta Trailer


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