GÜL ARCAN Age - Biography - Height - Series (YEMİN - The Promise CAVİDAN)

 Who is Gül Arcan? How many were born? What is the date of birth? Did he get married? How old is Gül Arcan in the Yemin series? Who is the Yemin (The Promise) series Cavidan? Who is his wife, son, daughter? How many children does he have? What series does he play in? What sign is it? What is the Instagram address? The answers to all these questions are currently being searched for in search engines dec That is why we have prepared a biography article where you can find answers to all these questions. Gül Arcan age, height and weight. His biography. Serials and films in which he starred. Here is the life of Gül Arcan!

Who is Gül Arcan? How Old Is She? Who is the Yemin Series Cavidan?

Gül Arcan was born on October 20, 1959 in Ankara and is a theater, TV series and film actress.

Gül Arcan Gürses was born on October 20, 1959 in Ankara.

He has an older brother and an older sister.

she is the mother of 4 children. (Şebnem Sevgi Gürses, Barış, Özgür ve Çağrı)

His childhood was spent in Ankara.

He grew up in a family that was intertwined with art.

She began attending the conservatory during her elementary school years.

She graduated from Ankara University State Conservatory Theater Department.

He married veteran actress Atilla Arcan in 1984.

His wife Atilla Arcan died in 2015.

She graduated from the ballet department at the conservatory, but after getting married, she turned to acting starting from 1986 with the influence of her husband.

He became known for his show “Binbir Surat Atilla Arcan”, where he imitated celebrities.

her recognition increased with the series Adını Sen Koy on, in which she took part in 2016 in the role of Şükran, and the TV series Yemin, in which she took part in 2019, broadcast on the screens of Channel 7. he has been appearing in the series for 4 seasons with the role of Cavidan and is still continuing.

Gul Arcan, an actor of the Ankara State Theater, has been acting in the theater, TV series and cinema sector for about 36 years.

Gül Arcan is still active in acting.

His manager is Öznur Kula Bayhan.

He is of the sign of Libra. he is 1.65 cm tall and weighs 62 pounds.

Instagram Facebook and social media The player who uses Instagram at the time of this article has 30,600 followers on his account.

Instagram Address gularcanofficial

Films and Series Starring Gül Arcan

Zebun (Film 2021)

Yemin (Cavidan, TV 2019-2020)

Adını Sen Koy (Şükran, TV 2016)

İki Dünya Arasında (Teslime, TV 2014)

Çok Özel Tim (Cavidan Bayraktaroğlu, TV 2007)

Gülbeyaz (TV 2002)

Ona Bakma Bana Bak (TV 2000)

1001 Surat (TV 1994)

Mikrop (Video Film 1988)

Muhteşem Serseri (Film 1986)


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