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 Who is Ayşegül Günay? How old is she? Where is he originally from? Who is the wife? Even if I had a Chance, the life of Ayşegül Günay, who is the host of the program, is being wondered by many people. There are often searches in search engines on very detailed topics such as the series dec movies he has starred in, his zodiac sign, height and weight. That is why we have prepared a biography article with information about the famous name. Here are the details about the life of Ayşegül Günay.

Who is Ayşegül Günay? How Old Is She?

Ayşegül Günay was born on November 9, 1969 in Eskişehir, is a theater, cinema and TV series actor.

He completed his primary and secondary education in Eskişehir. Then she graduated from the Theater Department of Anadolu University State Conservatory. He worked as a lecturer at the same university for 7 years, after which he left.

From 1997 to 1998, he worked at the Friends Theater with Genco Erkal. She was nominated for Afife Jale for her role as ’Ksantippe‘ in the play ’Yalınayak Sokrates - Barefoot Socrates'.

in 1999, he won the exam opened by the state theater and started working as an artist of the Trabzon State Theater.

since 2005, he has been appointed and has been working at the Bursa State Theater.

he retired from the State Theater in 2012.

To date, she has performed in numerous theater plays. At the same time, he starred in many motion pictures and television series.

For the first time published in 2006, the character portrayal in a series called Kaybolan Yıllar past in front of the camera with Niran; then Derman, Eşref Saati, Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti, Küçük Kadınlar, Lale Devri, Aile Saadeti, Yer Gök Aşk, Sümela’nın Şifresi: Temel, Asla Vazgeçmem, Moskova’nın Şifresi: Temel  has taken part in major productions, such as Basic.

Especially in the series 'Yer Gök Aşk', which was broadcast on Fox Tv screens, the master actress who started to follow the Sultan character and the screen lovers with great appreciation played Esma Sancaktar in the series Bir Mucize Olsun, the character of Adalet in the series Verda, Zöhre Hatun in Kuruluş Osman, the character of Füsun Aslanbey in the series Hercai.

since 2021, he has been the host of the program “Bir Şansım Olsa - If I Had a Chance”, which opens the doors to those who regret that BBO Production has taken over.

Is Ayşegül Günay Married? Who Is The Wife? Height and Weight of the Zodiac Sign

She is married to actor Sinan Demir. From this marriage, he has twin boys named Toprak and Boran. Ayşegül Günay, who is 1.68 meters tall, is 57 kilos and is a Scorpio sign. He uses social media, although not very often. At the time of this writing, he has 138,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account.

Instagram Address aysegulgunaayy

Movies And TV Shows


2019 Şuursuz Aşk – Umut Ertek

2017 Sümela’nın Şifresi 3 : Cünyor Temel – Adem Kılıç

2016 Oflu Hoca’nın Şifresi 2 – Adem Kılıç

2012 Moskova’nın Şifresi : Temel – Adem Kılıç

2011 Sümela’nın Şifresi: Temel – Adem Kılıç , Serkan Karararslan


2020-2021 Hercai

2019-2020 Kuruluş Osman

2019 Verda 

2018 Bir Mucizem Olsun

2015-2016 Asla Vazgeçmem

2010-2013 Yer Gök Aşk

2012 Lale Devri

2006 Kaybolan Yıllar

TV Program

Bir Şansım Olsa


Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur – Adviye – Ay Tedirginliği – Hepsi Oğlumdu – Direkler Arasında – Klkason Borazan Bırtlar – Karar Kimin – Kurban – Kadıncıklar – Yalınayak Sokrates – Doğum Günü Partisi – Cesaret Ana ve Çocukları


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