Who is Özge in Kardeşlerim series? Who is Yaren Yapıcı with his real name? What is the Instagram address? What are the TV shows he has played in before? What is his zodiac sign, height and weight? The answers to all these questions are currently often searched for in search engines by those who follow the series Kardeşlerim Dec Sisters. Therefore, we tried to prepare an informative article on the topics of interest.

Who is Kardeşlerim - Özge?

Ilknur's niece is the Emir's sister. He enrolls in the Ataman college.

After successive decouples in the My Brothers series, new cast members continue to be included in the cast of the series. The beloved series of screens continues to be broadcast on the ATV television channel. Many actors left the series and were replaced by new actors. One of those names is Yaren Yapıcı. So who is the Creator? Here are all the details about the actress. A biography article with information about him.

Who İs Yaren Yapıcı? Biography

Although there is not much information about the creator, some information is known. But it is worth noting from the outset that many obtained information does not have certainty. Videos about the lives of actors are published on the YouTube channel of Kardeşlerim series. An interview video about Yaren Yapıcı will be released in the coming days. For now, we are adding the information we can find. Let's remind you that we can make updates to our article over time.

It is known that Yaren Yapıcı continues his university education. Although some sources indicate that he was born on November 4, 2002 in Istanbul, this information is not yet clear. It is assumed that she has previously appeared in some films and commercials.

Height And Weight

He was entered on many sites where he was from the sign of Scorpio, was 1.63 tall and weighed 53 kilograms. It is not known where he was originally from. However, the accuracy of this information may be confirmed as soon as the young player gives an interview or the agency to which he is affiliated publishes his information on its website, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article. The series Kardeşlerim has a huge fan base. That is why this series will undoubtedly be very important in Yaren Yapıcı's career. She will definitely attract attention due to her beauty and will probably also take part in new projects in the future.

Yaren Yapıcı Instagram And TikTok Address

Yaren Yapıcı is a strict TikTok and Instagram user. Her shares are getting hundreds of likes and the number of followers is increasing every day. Undoubtedly, this increase will gain momentum as the number of episodes in Kardeşlerim series increases. At the time of this writing, Yaren Yapıcı has 44,400 followers on her Instagram account. Her TikTok account has 93,700 followers.

Instagram Address yarennnyapici TikTok Address yarennnyapici


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