ILGAZ KAYA Biography? Age - Starring Serials - Who is the Character of Dora in the series KARDEŞLERİM

 Who is Dora in Kardeşlerim? What is his real name? How old is she? What are the TV series he plays in? The answers to all these questions are currently being wondered by those who watch the series Kardeşlerim. New actors continue to come to the Kardeşlerim series. The last newcomer to join the series was Ilgaz Kaya. So who is Ilgaz Kaya? A biography article with information about his life. Here are the details about the actress.

Who is Ilgaz Kaya? Biography

Ilgaz Kaya was born in 1997 and is a theater, advertising, TV series and film actress. She is also a Yoga instructor.

Ilgaz Kaya studied ballet for several years in her childhood.

From an early age, he was interested in acting.

During her junior year, she auditioned for the Istanbul Performing Arts Center and started taking classes.

He attended high school at Vefa High School.

After that, he continued his education at Boğaziçi University and Haliç University in the Theater department.

She began performing in theater plays from her high school years.

when she was 9-10 years old, she went to the creative drama courses that Ayla Algan opened for children.

at the age of 11, she entered the acting profession by becoming an extra.

Ilgaz Kaya, who was included in the theater team during his senior year while doing theater in the school team in high school, started studying from Craft in his first year of college.

During his career, he has appeared in commercials for important brands such as Mavi, Cappy, Turkcell, Baymak, Signal White Now, Ülker Hanımeller.

In addition, Dara performed in various theater plays, for example, Kırk9.

in 2018, she was named “Promising Young Actress” at the Direklerarası Theater Awards with the play Dara. Also in 2018, she was named “Promising Actress of the Year” at the Üstün Akmen Theater Awards with the same play.

Starring Serials

in 2012, she starred in the TV series ”Elde Var Hayat“, and then in the TV series ”Kırgın Çiçekler" in 2015.

Her first professional TV series acting experience was with the series İstanbullu Gelin. In the series, she played the youth of the character Esma Boran.

in 2019, she gave life to the character of Mine Teacher in the series Hekimoğlu.

Sen Hiç Ateş Böceği Gördü Mü? in 2021 he appeared in the film with the role of Nuran. In the same year, she took part in the music video for Oguzhan Koç's song ‘Yoksa Yasak’.

in 2022, he was later included in the cast of Kardeşlerim, an ATV series. Currently, she is giving life to the character of Dora Önal in the series.

He continues to take part in new projects within the structure of the Önem Günal Management agency. An English-speaking player with an advanced degree is dec among the talents with a bright future.

Height and Weight

The exact date of birth is not known, so the horoscope information has not been reached. There are two Instagram accounts on social media. At the time of this writing, he has 20,200 followers on his personal account. Her account, where she shares yoga, has 820 followers. The player also has a YouTube channel. Although his height is approximately 1.72, there is no clear information about his height and weight. It is not yet known where she is originally from, whether she has a boyfriend, etc. As the young actor gives an interview in the coming days, more clear and detailed information will be available.

Who is Kardeşlerim - Dora?

He is the character portrayed by Ilgaz Kaya in the TV series Kardeşlerim. She is Emir's girlfriend. He enrolls in the ataman college with Özge and Emir.

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