ÖZGE ÖZDER Biography! Series - Height And Weight (Sadakatsiz Derya)

 Who is the Sadakatsiz Derya? Who is Derya in the Sadakatsiz series? Who is Özge Özder by her real name? How old is she? Where is he originally from? Who is the wife? The answers to these questions are currently being dec by Sadakatsiz TV viewers on search engines. Özge Özder's very detailed information such as her zodiac sign, height and weight is being researched on the internet. That is why we have prepared a biography article with information about the worthy actor. We listed the serials and films in which he played at the end of our article. We also presented the theater plays in which he performed in a list. In addition, we have added the addresses of the social media accounts used by Özge Özder to our article. Here is the life of Özge Özder, the Derya of the Sadakatsiz series!

Who is the Sadakatsiz Derya? Who is Özge Özder? How Old Is She? From where?

Özge Özder is a theater, TV series and film actress.

She is also a presenter and voice actress.

He is also the founding president of the Keep an Eye on Me Sensitive Life Association.

His full name is Elif Özge Özder.

How Old is Sadakatsiz Derya – Özge Özder?

Özge Özder was born on April 1, 1978 in Ankara as the only child of a technical painter mother and a zoning planner father.

He graduated from secondary school and high school at the Private Ascension College in Ankara in 1996.

From the middle school years, he got acquainted with the theater.

in 1996, she took the conservatory exams and won the Bilkent University theater department with a scholarship and the Hacettepe University State Conservatory theater department with a master's degree.

she graduated from the theater department of Ankara State Conservatory in 2000 and completed her master's degree in the following years.

He started his professional theater acting career with BKM.

He had his first cinema film experience in 2006 with the character of Candan in the Sınavfilm directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak.

in 2007, she took part in the productions Sıfır Dediğimde and in 2008, The Başka Semtin Çocukları.

in 2011, he once again showed the audience that he is one of the indispensable faces of cinema with the character of Zeynep, whom he brought to life in the film Türkan, which is about the life of Türkan Saylan.

she guest starred in the 2019 children's film Konuşan Hayvanlar for the benefit of the Keep an Eye on Me Association.

For the first time in the world of television, the beautiful actress made her debut in 1993 with the series Ferhunde Hanımlar, and then made successful acting performances in such memorable productions as Dadı, İyi Aile Robotu, Çifte Bela.

Özder, who managed to take part in important projects during her acting career, Uy Başuma Gelenler, Estağfurullah Yokuşu, Hayat A.Ş. and she managed to attract the attention of the audience with the roles she performed in various projects, such as Aşkın Mucizeleri.

dec Haziran Gecesi series, which was broadcast on Kanal D between 2004 and 2006, the actress, who has been actively on the theater stages since 2001, has also achieved great success on television with the role of Lale, which she portrayed, and has been engraved in the memories.

Princess Cavidan, the princess of steel, whom she portrayed in the Dudaktan Kalbe series broadcast on Show TV, was the culmination of her television career. After that, he continued to take part in successful productions such as Emret Komutanım, İyi ki Varsın and it's Ömre Bedel.

The actress, who has been attracting attention and becoming famous day by day with her success in television and film acting, has never stopped doing theater and has been working at the City Theaters where she has been performing since 2005.

She was awarded the Bedia Muvahhit award for her performance as Natasha in the play Three Sisters, and was nominated for the Afife Jale and Sadri Alışık awards for the same role.

She was nominated for Afife Jale award again for her role as Lena in the play Lena with Leonce.

in 2011, she made her career debut once again with the Umutsuz Ev Kadınları series. Later, she played the role of Adile Yarımcalı in the series Kehribar, but the series was able to continue for 15 episodes.

He played the character of Perihan for 2 years in the series 'Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz'.

from 2019 to 2020, she played the character of Spark in the series Mucize Doktor and also played the character of Sema in the series Jet Sosyete 43. He has guest starred in the episode. since 2020, she has been playing the character of Derya in the TV series Sadakatsiz.

Who is the Sadakatsiz Derya?

Derya Samanlı

Forty years old. He was born and raised in Tekirdağ. At a young age, after the separation of his parents, he started living with his mother, but this life was quite challenging for reasons such as rumors that came out of a small place, his mother worked late to get him to study at the medical School. Although she draws the impression of a flirtatious woman, she is internally afraid of getting married. He has a warm-blooded energy. A funny, funny woman who babbles. In order to hide his own wounds and not think about it, he constantly sticks his nose into other people's lives. His childhood friends Volkan, Bahar and Mert are very valuable to him because he has no one else in this life but them.

Where is He originally From? Who Is The Wife? What's His Sign? Height And Weight

She is originally from Ankara. She is of the sign of Aries. he is 1.65 tall and weighs 58 pounds.

she married Tansel Öngel in 2007 but they divorced in 2010.

in 2018, she married musician Sinan Güleryüz. On February 11, 2021, their daughter Eva Luna Güleryüz was born.

Who is Sinan Güleryüz, the Wife of Özge Özder?

Sinan Güleryüz was born in Ankara in 1986 and is an immigrant from Thessaloniki. After completing his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Ankara University, he worked as a professional athlete and became a national athlete in the branches of boxing and volleyball.

After that, Güleryüz ended his sports career and came to Istanbul where he received various music trainings. Güleryüz, who became famous at the O Ses Türkiye competition she participated in, is currently pursuing a career as a musician.

Sinan Güleryüz, who made his first single in 2018 with Bora Öztoprak's Deli Yar song, won awards with his songs Senle Ben ve Biz Biz Biz, which he made with his wife Özge Özder.

Social Media Accounts of Özge Özder

He uses Twitter, Instagram and YouTube on social media.

At the time of this writing, he has 31,000 followers on his blue-clicked Twitter account.

The famous player, who has many fan accounts opened on different social media platforms, has 529,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account.

He also regularly produces content on his Youtube channel, which he opened on December 25, 2019. The total number of views of his videos has exceeded 35 million. The number of subscribers on this platform is about 215,000.

The number of followers of the famous player on his social media accounts is increasing every day. It is expected that this increase will continue as the number of episodes in the Sadakatsiz series increases.

Twitter Address https://twitter.com/OZZgeozder

Instagram Address  ozzgeozder

A successful actress who continues her life in Istanbul today continues to take part in new projects within the Icon Talent management agency. He also occasionally appears in commercials. I.B.B. She is a full-time artist of the City Theaters and is still pursuing her theater career.

Özge Özder, a Bayi Besiktas fan, also has a beautiful voice. From time to time, she shares the songs she sings via social media.


2020- Sadakatsiz / Derya

2019 – Mucize Doktor / Kıvılcım

2019 Jet Sosyete/ Sema

2018- Koman Ailem/ Güzide Karaarslan

2017- Rüya/ Ruhsan Giray

2016/2017 – Umuda Kelepçe Vurulmaz /Perihan

2016 – Kehribar Adile Genstald Yarımcalı

2014/2015 – Ulan İstanbul /Sevilay Karam

2011 / 2014- Umutsuz Ev Kadınları /Emel Soylu Bingöl

2009 /2010– Ömre Bedel /Aylin

2007/2009 – Dudaktan Kalbe /Cavidan Meriçoğlu

2006 – İyi ki Varsın /Aslı

2005 – Emret Komutanım /Sultan Hemşire

2004 – Uy Başuma Gelenler

2004 /2006- Haziran Gecesi /Lale

2004 – Aşkın Mucizeleri

2003 – Estağfurullah Yokuşu /Didem

2002 – İyi Aile Robotu /Çağla

2001/2002- Dadi / Derya

2001- Çifte Bela

1996- Ferhunde Hanımlar


2011 – Türkan / Koruma Zeynep

2008 – Başka Semtin Çocukları / Gül

2007 – Sıfır Dediğimde / Müberra

2006 – Umut Adası / Sibel

2006 – Sınav /Candan

Some Theater Plays In Which He Took Part 

On İkinci Gece : William Shakespeare - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2015

Kes ve Kaç : Peter Horsler - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2014

Müziksiz Evin Konukları : Neil Simon - Tiyatrokare - 2013

Matmazel Julie'den Esinti : August Strindberg - Talimhane Tiyatrosu - 2012

Oyun : Samuel Beckett - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2012

Gizli Oturum : Jean Paul Sartre - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2011

Marat-Sade : Peter Weiss - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2010

Leonce ile Lena : Georg Büchner - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2008

Üç Kız Kardeş : Anton Çehov - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2008

Ceza Kanunu : İ.Ahmet Nuri Sekizinci - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2007

Düş Oyuncakları : Shakespeare Kolaj - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2006

Baba (Oyun) : August Strindberg - İstanbul Şehir Tiyatrosu - 2006

Klaksonlar Borazanlar Bırtlar : Dario Fo - Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları - 2004

Barış Ormanında Yarış : Fikret Terzi - Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları - 2003

Bahar Noktası : William Shakespeare - Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları - 2003

İki Kişilik Hırgür : Eugène Ionesco - Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları - 2002

Cephede Piknik Yok : Fernando Arrabal - Bakırköy Belediye Tiyatroları - 2002



19. Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actress Awards - Best actress in a Musical or Comedy (Guests of the House without Music)

14.International theater awards - Best Actress (Guests of the House without Music)

October Summer Awards– Best Actress (Guests of the House without Music)

Afife Awards Best actress nomination (Guests of the House without Music)

Cuneyt Gökçer Awards Commendable Actress (Marat-Sade)

Afife Awards Best Supporting Actress nomination (Lena with Leons)

Bedia Muvahhit award Best Young Actress (Three Sisters)

Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Sadri Alışık (Three Sisters)

Afife Awards Best Supporting Actress nomination (Three Sisters)


Bedia Muvahhit Awards (2014)

Golden Orange (2013)

16.International Lycia-Kas Culture and Art Festival

15.International Lycia-Kas Culture and Art Festival

14.International Lycia-Kas Culture and Art Festival

Cumhuriyet Newspaper Yunus Nadi Awards

Some Songs She Sings 

Senle Ben (feat. Sinan Güleryüz) (2018)

Biz Bize (feat. Sinan Güleryüz) (2019)

Senle Ben (feat. Sinan Güleryüz, Alican Sandık) [Remix Edition] (2020)

Gidersen Eğer (feat. Sinan Güleryüz) (2020)

Gidersen Eğer (feat. Sinan Güleryüz, Alican Sandık) [Remix Edition] (2021)


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