BERKAY ATEŞ Biography! Age - Dating - Girlfriend - Height - Movies And TV Shows (Sadakatsiz Aras)

 Who is Aras in the Sadakatsiz series? Who is Berkay Ateş by his real name? Where is he originally from? How old is? Is he married? Who is the lover? The answers to these questions are dec searched for in search engines by those who watch the series Yargı. Research is carried out on the internet on very detailed issues such as the date of the player's birthday, his sign, height and weight. It is curious about the series and films in which he played before. That is why we have prepared a biography article with answers to all these questions. So you will be able to access all the details you are interested in about the player. We have added a list of all the series and films in which he took part to the end of our article in the form of a list. You can also access the addresses of the social media accounts that he uses via our article. Here is the life of Berkay Ateş!

Who is the Sadakatsiz Aras - Berkay Ateş?

Berkay Ateş is a theater, TV series and film actor.

He is also a writer and director.

How Old Is?

Born on February 19, 1987 in Istanbul, Berkay Ateş is a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Theater.

he lost his father when he was 12 years old.

He has played football professionally for many years in the past.

After graduating from high school, he started to get his university education at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Statistics.

he continued his education in this department for 3 years, but then he started a conservatory.

Theatrical Career

She has worked as an assistant at Dot Theater, Semiha Berksoy Opera Foundation and Theater Krek.

Semaver studied acting at such institutions as Kumpanya and TOBAV.

He was Tarkan's bodyguard for a short period of time.

Berkay Ateş has been writing, directing and acting in many theater plays throughout his educational life and in the following period, and has appeared in many successful motion pictures and serials.

Having started his theatrical career at Semaver Kumpanya, Berkay Ateş founded the D22 Theater with his Mimar Sinan University classmates Emir Çubukçu and Can Kulan. The theater, which started with the motto that the Fate of Man is Man, was established in Galata. However, due to financial conditions and Beyoğlu's recent change, the theater was moved to a mansion in Kadıköy.

Berkay Ateş is also the author of D22 games; Kuş Öpücüğü, Yirmi Beş, Karabatak ve Hak games.

Twenty-Five, Look at the World Through My Eyes, Animal Farm, Truth, Of Course, are some theater plays that he performed as an actor One Day.

TV Series And Film Career

in 2007, he had his first cinema film experience with the role of Osman in the film ’Mavi Gözlü Dev'.

Also in the same year, she had her first series acting experience with the series called ’Sessiz Fırtına'.

Immediately after that, he played in the series Doktorlar.

After starring in the TV series ’Invisibles‘ in 2010, she made her acting debut in the short films ’The Underground' and The Tanrının Gölgeleri (The Shadows of God).

in 2013, she appeared as a supporting actress in the film ‘Yarım Kalan Mucize’ starring Nihan Belgin and Umut Beşkırma. Also in the same year, she took part in the series ’Kara Dayı'.

in 2015, he took part in the film Blockade with the character of Ahmet and was the 22nd director with this film. He won the Promising Young Actor award at the Altın Koza Film Festival.

Also in the same year, he gave life to the character of ‘Ismail’ in the series ‘Analar ve Anneler’.

in 2017, he was awarded the Cevdet Kudret Literary Award in the theater category for his play ’Hakikat, Elbet Bir Gün'.

in 2016, she gave life to the character of Saltuk in the TV series ‘İstanbul Sokakları’, which is a TV series of the Show TV.

After that, she continued her TV acting career with the series Anne, Gülizar, Çukur, Alef, Alev Alev.

In 2019, she appeared in the movie ‘Zakir’ with the role of ‘Zakir’. 30 With this film. He was selected as the ‘Best Actor’ at the Ankara Film Festival.

in 2020, she starred in the film 9,75 Square Centimeters.

Currently, Berkay Ateş, who has taken on the lead role with the character of ‘Aras Ateşoğlu’ in the TV series Sadakatsiz, is also continuing his writing studies.

Where is Berkay Ateş Originally From? Who Is The Lover? The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

He has an older sister (Nilay Ateş). His paternal side is Ardahan Lake. He is Malatya by his mother (Nilgün Ateş).

He is a Bay Besiktas fan. It has the characteristics of Aquarius. he is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 76 kilograms.

He is not married. Although from time to time there are reports that he is beloved by different names, he does not have a known lover.

The actor, who continues her life in Istanbul today, loves to do repair and carpentry work in her spare time.

Twitter And Instagram Address of Berkay Ateş

The actor, who continues to work within the Idil Communication management agency, usually uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.

At the time of this writing, he has 37,600 followers on his Twitter account. Her blue-clicked Instagram account has 714,000 followers.

The number of followers of the famous actor is increasing every day.

It is expected that the increase in the number of followers will continue as the number of episodes he has appeared in the Yargı series increases.




2007- Sessiz Fırtına

2007/2008- Doktorlar

2010- Invisibles /Police 3

2013- Karadayı

2015- Analar ve Anneler/ İsmail

2016 – İstanbul Sokakları/ Saltuk

2016/2017 – Anne / Cengiz Yıldız

2018- Gülizar / Fettah

2018/2020 – Çukur /Mahsun- Fikret

2020- Alef/ Reyhan

2020- Alev Alev / Ozan Akınsel

2021- Sadakatsiz / Aras Ateşoğlu


2007- Mavi Gözlü Dev/ Osman

2010- The Undergraduate (Kısa Film)

2013 – Yarım Kalan Mucize/  İsyancı

2015 – Abluka / Ahmet

2019 – Görülmüştür / Zakir

2020- 9.75 Santimetrekare


2018- Hakikat, Elbet Bir Gün
2017- Hayvan Çiftliği
2017- Hak 
2016- Dünyaya Gözlerimden Bak
2015- Kuş Öpücüğü
2014- Kral (Soytarım) Lear / Edmund
2014- Karabatak
2013- Yirmi Beş
2013- Bent / Max


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