ALİ İL Biography! Age - Serials And Films - Height And Weight (Sadakatsiz Melih)

 Who is Melih in the Yargı Series? Who is Ali İl by his real name? How old is? Is he married? Does have a girlfriend? Where is he originally from? The answers to these questions are currently being wondered by viewers of the Yargı series. Ali İl, who is among the unfaithful actors, has been the subject of curiosity about the series and films he has played in the dec. Very detailed information about the handsome actor, such as his zodiac sign, height and weight, is being dec in search engines. The social media accounts he uses are being tried to be accessed. That is why we have prepared a biography article with information about the famous actor. We have presented the projects in which it is included in a list at the end of our article. In addition, you can also access the addresses of the social media accounts that he uses through our article. Here is the life of Ali İl, the Melih of the Yargı series!

Who is the Yargı - Mr. Melih? Who is Ali İl? How Old Is?

Ali Il is a theater, TV series and film actor.

He was born on November 16, 1981 in Istanbul.

His childhood was spent in Yeşilköy.

She has three older sisters.

Before becoming an actor, he was involved in trading in the past and ran a ‘kokoreç buffet’.

He also worked as a customs broker for two years.

She graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department.

Dalga, Aşk Sözleri, Yok Böyle Bir Kız, Bezirgan, Hafif, Topuklu Terlik Süt Yapar, On Kişiydiler of them are some of the theater plays she performed.

She had her first series acting experience in 2002 with the character of ‘Taner Tunç’ in the television series ‘Sırlar Kapısı’.

in 2004, he played in the series ’Turku Film‘ and in 2005 in the series ’Kırık Kanatlar' (Rifki). Also in the same period, the actress met with the television audience in the series ‘Seher Vakti’ and appeared in the series ‘Ihlamurlar Altında’ in 2006 with the role of ‘Kerem’.

in 2007, he gave life to the character of Sinan in the TV series "Aşk Eski Bir Yalan".

in 2008, he had his first cinema movie experience with the film "Başka Semtin Çocukları".

Between dec008 and 2011, she gave life to the character of ’Ali‘ in the series ’Küçük Kadınlar' and her popularity started to increase thanks to this series.

She appeared in the 2009 film ’Adını Sen Koy‘ as ’Can‘ and in the 2011 film ’Press‘ as ’Halit'. Also in the same year, he took part in the series ‘Seni Bana Yazmışlar’ with the character of ‘Mehmet’.

in 2013, she co-starred in ‘Mahmut and Meryem’ and ‘Benimle Oynar Mısın?' he played in their movie.

between 2013 and 2014, she gave life to the character of ’Atilla‘ in the TV series ’Böyle Bitmesin'. dec.

Between 2015 and 2017, he played the character of ’Sadrettin Oman‘ in the TV series ’Poyraz Karayel'. He also played the character of 'Sadrettin Umman' in the TV series 'Poyraz Karayel'. She attracted attention with her successful acting performance in the series ’Poyraz Karayel' and became a well-known actor. He continued this success by portraying the character of ‘Sadrettin’ in the film ‘Poyraz Karayel: Küresel Sermaye’ in 2017. Also in the same year, he gave life to the character of "Kaan Tuğlu" in the TV series "Ver Elini Aşk".

in 2018, he appeared in the television movie ’Yalancı Damat‘ with the role of ’Firat'. Also in the same year, she took part in the film ’Bebek Geliyorum Demez‘ with the role of ’Alper'.

between 2018 and 2019, she gave life to the decatur ‘Nedim Karatepe’ in the period's popular series ‘Avlu’.

Then he joined the cast of the TV series "Savaşçı" and played the character of "Murat Kopuz".

in 2020, she made a guest appearance in the Netflix original youth series ‘Aşk 101’ with the role of ‘Tuncay’.

Immediately after, he played the character of ’Celal‘ as a guest actor in the series ’Mucize Doktor' in 2021.

He also played in the series ’Gain‘, ’Ex Aşkım'

since 2021, he has been playing the character of Melih in the TV series Yargı, which is a Channel D series.

Where is Ali Il Originally From? The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

He is not married. She has no known lover. He holds the Besiktas football team. He is of the sign of Scorpio, is 1.78 meters tall and weighs 74 kilograms. He is originally from Urfa, Siverek.

The famous actor Ali İl, who continues to take part in new projects by registering with ART 11 Management management agency, continues his life in Istanbul today.

Social Media Accounts

He often uses Twitter and Instagram on social media. As of the time of this writing, he has 4,539 followers on his Twitter account. She has 85,000 followers on her Instagram account. The number of followers of the successful player is growing every day. This increase is expected to continue as new episodes of the Yargı (Unfaithful) series are released.

Twitter Address:

Instagram Address: aliilofficial

Films And Serials In Which He Played

Ex Aşkım (TV 2021)

Sadakatsiz (Melih, TV 2021)

Mucize Doktor (Celal, TV 2021)

Aşk 101 (Tuncay, TV 2020)

Hizmetçiler (Alper Coşkun, TV 2020)

Savaşçı (Murat Kopuz, TV 2019)

Bebek Geliyorum Demez (Alper, Movie 2018)

Poyraz Karayel: Küresel Sermaye (Sadrettin, Movie 2017)

Ver Elini Aşk (Kaan Tuğlu, TV 2017)

Savaşçı (Murat, TV 2017)

Poyraz Karayel (Sadreddin Umman, TV 2014-2016)

Böyle Bitmesin (Atilla, TV 2012-2013)

Benimle Oynar mısın? (Laço, Movie 2013)

Mahmut İle Meryem (Movie 2012)

Seni Bana Yazmışlar (Mehmet, TV 2011)

Adını Sen Koy (Can, Movie 2009)

Başka Semtin Çocukları (Movie 2008)

Küçük Kadınlar (Ali, TV 2008-2010)

Aşk Eski Bir Yalan (Sinan, TV 2007)

Seher Vakti (Bölüm Oyuncusu, TV 2005)

Kırık Kanatlar (Rıfkı, TV 2005)

Ihlamurlar Altında (Kerem, TV 2005)

Türkü Filmi (TV 2004)

Halil İbrahim (TV Movie 2004)

Sırlar Dünyası / Sır Kapısı (TV 2002)


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