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 Who is the Lawyer Seda character in the Yargı series? Who is Nergis Öztürk by his real name? How old is? Where is he originally from? Is he married? Who is the wife? The answers to all these questions are currently being wondered by those who are watching the Yargı series. Articles about the life of Nergis Öztürk, who participated among the Yargı players, are being investigated. dec. We are trying to access very detailed information such as his zodiac sign, height and weight. The Instagram account and Twitter account of the successful player are also searched for in search engines by those dec want to follow. That is why we have prepared a biography article about the famous actor. We have listed the theaters where he performed, the series and films in which he played. You can also reach Instagram and Twitter via our article. Here is the life of Nergis Özturk, the Seda of the Yargı series!

Who is the Yargı Lawyer Seda? Who is Nergis Öztürk?

Nergis Öztürk was born on May 25, 1980 in Kandira, Kocaeli to a teacher mother from Ordu and an electrical technician father.

She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language and History-Geography, Department of Theater.

He received a master's degree in Advanced Acting from Bahçeşehir University.

Nergis Öztürk, who has been working in cinema, theater and TV series together throughout his acting career, made his first step into cinema, Dec Golden Cocoon award winner Hacivat Karagöz, Why was he killed? he scored it with his film.

Later, he starred in such films as Barda, Kıskanmak, Gişe Memuru, Atlıkarınca, Yeraltı, Eve Dönüş Sarıkamış 1915, Koku.

Öztürk became known for her roles in the TV series Hatırla Sevgili, Ayla in the Beloved series, Nisa in the series Böyle Bitmesin, and Zerrin Şahin in the series Avlu.

in 2009, she was the 46th actress with the lead role in the film Kıskanmak. Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival and the 17th. She won the Best Actress Award at the Adana Golden Cocoon Film Festival.

in 2010, X. With his performance in the theater play Bunu Yapan İki Kişi in 2010. She won the Best Comedy Actress Award at the Lions Theater Awards.

in 2015, together with his actress wife Cemal Toktaş, he founded the first and only cabaret restaurant in Istanbul, the Taşra Cabaret.

In addition to many other plays, they staged a cabaret named Düşperest with Şevki Çepa and Cemal Toktaş, selling all the tickets at almost every screening.

in 2016, together with Engin Hepileri, he staged the theater play Akciğer.

in 2020, she starred in the 57th film Koku, sponsored by the General Directorate of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture. Golden Orange Film Festival and the 8th.He participated in the Bosphorus Film Festival.

in 2021, he joined the cast of the Yargı series, which is being broadcast on Kanal D television channel, as the 10th. he was involved in the episode. In the series, she plays the character of Seda Tilmen, Engin's lawyer aunt.

Some Theater Plays In Which She Performed

2010 Bunu Yapan İki Kişi
2010 Yanlış Anlama
2013 Oda ve Adam
2015 Temizlik İşleri
2016 Ölüm Hastalığı
2016 Kel Şarkıcı
2016 Akciğer
2017 Düşperest
2018 Sultana
2019 10 Saniye
2021 #Heşteg
2021 Düğün Şarkıcısı


2020 - Sevinç Vesaire(Kısa Film)

2020 – Koku

2017 – Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun 

2016 – İstanbul Kırmızısı 

2012 – Eve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915 

2011 – Yeraltı 

2011 – Gişe Memuru 

2010 – Atlıkarınca 

2009 – Kıskanmak

2006 – Barda 

2005 - Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü 


2018-2019 – Avlu

2017 – Bu Sayılmaz 

2012-2013 – Böyle Bitmesin 

2011 – Gün Akşam Oldu 

2010 – Doktorlar 

2007 – Kara Yılan 

2006-2007 – Hatırla Sevgili 

2006 – Kızlar Yurdu 

2005 – Körfez Ateşi

Awards He Received

2020 - Short Film Directors Association - Best Actress - Sevinç Vesaire

2020 - Friends of October Theater Awards - Small Hall Actress - 10 Saniye

2018 - International Theater Awards - Best Musical-Musical Play Dreamer - Taşra Cabaret

2017 - International Theater Awards - Actress - Akciğer

2017 - Union of Theater Critics(TEB) Awards - Actress of the Year - Akciğer

2017 - Outstanding Akmen Theater Awards - Actress of the Year - Akciğer

2010 – 17. International Golden Cocoon Film Festival - Best Actress - Kıskanmak

2009 – 46. International Golden Orange Film Festival - Best Actress - Kıskanmak ​

2009 - X. Lions Theater Awards - Best Comedy Actress - Two People Who Did It

Nergis Öztürk's Height and Weight

Selin Kök is the manager of a famous player. Currently, he continues his theatrical life and active projects.
Nergis Öztürk is married to his wife Cemal Toktaş, who is an actress like himself, and they have a boy named Yaman.
He is of the sign of Gemini. he is 1.72 tall and weighs 52 pounds.

Twitter And Instagram Addresses of Nergis Öztürk

Nergis Öztürk usually uses Twitter and Instagram on social media.
As of the moment of this article, he has 5,810 followers on his Twitter account.
Her official Instagram account with a blue click has 63,700 followers.
We can say that these numbers will increase rapidly in the coming days.
The famous actress had an excellent performance in the series Courtyard.
He will definitely attract attention with his excellent acting in the Yargı series again.


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