MİSAFİR Turkish Series Cast And Story!

 Who are the Misafir series actors and actress? What is the story? Which actor portrays which character in the series? What time does the Misafir series air at and on which channel? Which Misafir Series is the adaptation from which series? Is it real? The answers to all these questions are currently being dec searched in search engines. It is curious what names are in the cast of the Misafir series. That is why we have prepared an informative article for you. Here are all the details about the Misafir line-up.

Misafir Series Story

November 11, 2021 is a drama and family Turkish television series, the first part of which was dec on FOX TV television channel, directed by Arda Sarigun, written by Özge Aras Yiğit, starring Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gülsoy. The series is broadcast every Thursday at 20:00. It is an adaptation of the TV series ”Oasis".

The original series, the Oasis series, is about young people acting with decency and courage in the turbulent South Korean times between the 80s and 90s, pursuing power and wealth at all costs. Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) is a young man born in a small city in Jeolla Province. Although he is an intelligent but innocent young man, he is caught up in a whirlwind of events brought on by his fate and finds himself in the middle of a conflict. After getting involved in a real estate scam, he becomes a political gangster and devotes his life to avenging the wrongful death of his father.

In the adaptation Misafir series published in Turkey, the hopeful story of Gece (Hazal Kaya), a young woman who has had a traumatic childhood, and Erdem (Bugra Gülsoy), a father of three who has just lost his wife, is revealed.

The series has a story that is warm, through life, in which real feelings are processed, bittersweet and all families will love. Even at the moment when we lose hope, he has a warm, sincere story that tells us that hope always exists.

At Gece, he has not been happy even for one day in his life. The day she thinks is the last day of her life, she meets Erdem and decides to rewrite her life. This guest, whom Erdem invited to his house, will be a new sunrise for everyone, especially his own.

Misafir Series Actors - Actress And Their Characters

Gece (Güneş)

At Gece, a girl who grew up without love. He came into the world as an unwanted child, and his mother, who had never loved him after he came, saw him as a burden. Growing up next to such a loveless, unfaithful woman, Gece has lost faith in all good and beautiful things. Nazan, who raised her with great dedication, sets his mind on taking advantage of his growing daughter and turning her into money. At Gece, he finally chooses suicide to get rid of his mother and the troubles she has carried into his life. But he can't do it because he wants to live inside. And the man who comes across him on this occasion will change his life and his outlook on life.


Erdem is a father of three children, a loving man. Growing up in a happy, loving family and pursuing his dreams, the earthquake took his mother and father away from him. And your dreams, of course. Even though Erdem, who works as a policeman, got married and became a father of three children, he became the happiest man in the world. Erdem, who was both father and mother to his three children for a year until he lost his wife in an accident a year ago, breaks down when he faces the facts about himself. He enters her life at a time when she is worried about her children and rebels at what has happened to her at Gece. At Gece, as he learns and loves to live with Erdem, Erdem will forget the fact that he must face and reconnect to life.


Giray is a young man aged 28-32 years, who at first glance attracts attention with his good looks. He is kind-hearted, merciful, but cruel and harsh to the wicked. His greatest weakness is to see the justice of his own scales above all kinds of justice. Giray, whose father is also a member of the police; He had a very naughty childhood and youth. This open with his father opened as the chief of police; his father against him sharpen, it caused an endless conflict between them. Giray also chose to be a man like him to prove to his father that he could be a ‘man’ when he grew up a little; a policeman. His father is still enough. he's not sure it's Adam. And he needs to build a home, be a family man. Giray, on the other hand, is not really from there, until I saw him... the Güneş.


Nazan is a woman close to fifty, she has never been able to sew in life, she has made a living by informal moral means, she has had children even if she did not want to, but she has not been able to become a mother. She came to Istanbul at the age of seventeen. As it is, nothing good has happened to him. And he found his way into the roads that stood in his way. He's a delusional, tidal type. He has a mild bipolar. Sometimes depressed, sometimes manic. It's super unstable. Is a drug addict. He doesn't know how to show love because he doesn't see love. He doesn't even know how to love. His mind and emotions are programmed solely for survival.


Oğuz is a cheerful policeman who was appointed as Giray's partner after Erdem's transfer to the desk. Although Oguz, who is a little clumsy and usually unaware, is not very successful in his job, his heart is always in the right place. Although Oğuz is mostly excluded from social events because of his frankness and lack of awareness, he never resents his friends, on the contrary, he hits their lack of awareness with all his optimism. Despite all this, Oğuz's observation ability is strong. Although he realizes most of the things that are happening around him before everyone else, the only problem for Oğuz is that he immediately expresses them without being able to interpret them correctly.


Betül is a well-meaning woman who has always remained a friend of Erdem's wife. Despite all his efforts, Betül's life has always revolved around the axis of others. Both the fact that she was under the pressure of her controlling mother and the fact that she always cared about other people's feelings before her own feelings caused Betül to always put herself in the background. Every day he felt more regretful for feeling this way, as he thought that a chance had been born for him with Erdem when they lost his friend and he was sincerely glad. Despite this, Betül is a great support to Erdem and his children for both his friend and Erdem. Despite all the objections of her mother, this time she follows her own wishes. But Betül's hesitant and kind attitude will remain very small next to the fact that Gece enters Erdem's life like a bomb.


Tunç is the bully of the neighborhood. He gets asked about all the dirty jobs in the neighborhood, and if anyone stares at his dump, he makes it look bad. He is under the impression that Nazan and Gece are indebted to him. Gece's disappearance wounds him on many fronts. He won't let Gece go because of what they did to him and because he made his local racon worthless.


Deniz is a smart, well-behaved boy about 9-10 years old. He's mature, he's a big brother to his brothers. But with the loss of his mother, he became obsessed with his lessons. When he was already a hardworking student, he turned into a very ambitious boy. He does not tolerate missing the first place in the class, missing points from the exam. He wants to become a doctor. Very well, a doctor who can cure every patient. Even in the face of the slightest failures, he is in danger of becoming angry and becoming someone who will harm both himself and his environment.


Balım is a girl of 7-8 years old, like a honey. A little girl who is fond of her father. He seems to be the least affected by his mother's death, whereas his wound is deep and the effects are severe. The space in it has turned into a kleptomania. Honey is trying to fill her lack of love, motherlessness by stealing something that doesn't belong to her. His father is not yet aware of it. But he's about to get drunk.


Toprak is 4-5 years old, talkative, charming. Of course, the loss of his mother is a great pain. But because he is so small, he does not fully understand death and loss either. That's why he doesn't live like his older sister and brother, he experiences this pain. The loss of his mother is like a fairy tale. It's like one day the door will open and he will come in, go into the kitchen and cook his son his favorite dishes... and until then he eats nothing but bread with tomato paste. Because no one cooks like his mother. No food smells like what he does.

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