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 Who is the real character of Oya in the Yemin (The Promise) series? Who is Gözde Gündüzlü with her real name? How old is? Where is he originally from? Is he married? Who is the wife? The answers to these questions are currently being searched for in search engines by those who watch the Yemin series. Research is being conducted on various topics about Gözde Gündüzlü, who is among the actors of the Yemin series. Date and sign of birth. Wikipedia information such as age, height and weight is curious. We are trying to reach the Instagram address. In addition, the series and films in which he played are also being investigated. That is why we have prepared a biography article with answers to all these questions. Here is the life of Gözde Gündüzlü!

Who is Gözde Gündüzlü? How Old Is? (Yemin-Oya)

Gözde Gündüzlü was born on August 27, 1985 in Izmir, Turkey and is a presenter and actress.

He is a graduate of Gazi University, Faculty of Communication.

He has completed an internship at TRT.

After working as a radio and TV program presenter for many years, he turned his direction to acting.

She studied acting at Deniz Erdem Studio and Akademi 35 and a Half Art House.

Starring Serials

Gözde Gündüzlü, who first starred in the series Aşkın Bedeli in 2013, then starred in such series as Beni Böyle Sev, Aşkın Bedeli, Çocuklar Duymasın, Güllerin Savaşı, Baba Candır, Aliya, Gülperi.

since 2019, she has been giving life to the character of Oya in the series Yemin, which is a series of Kanal 7 television channel.

The Weight of the Zodiac Sign

In his spare time, the player, who likes to be alone with nature, is engaged in activities such as meditation, yoga.

He continues his life in Istanbul. He is originally from Izmir. He is from the sign of Virgo. he is 1.66 cm tall and weighs 51 kilograms.

She has been married to musician Ender Gündüzlü since November 08, 2014.

Gözde Gündüzlü, who usually uses Instagram on social media, has 31,200 followers at the time of this article.

Instagram Address gozdegunduzlu

Serials in Which He Took Part

Yemin (Oya, 2019-2020)

Gülperi (Cemre, 2018-2019)

Aliya (Hayriye İzzetbegoviç, 2018)

Baba Candır (2017)

Çocuklar Duymasın (2018)

Güllerin Savaşı (2014)

Beni Böyle Sev (2013)

Aşkın Bedeli (2013)


  1. I know it's not so easy for you having Turkish language as mother tongue (which is beautiful) to translate properly the pronouns referring to people like he or she. But you could easily learn it: "She" refers always to ladies, "He" always to men.


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