AHMET ÖMER AKINER Age - Yemin (The Promise) Yiğit! The Son of the Emir in the Series Yemin

 Who is the Yiğit son of the Emir in the Yemin (The Promise) sequence (Gökberk Demirci)? Who is Ahmet Ömer Akıner by his real name? How old is? The answers to these questions are currently often searched for in search engines by those who watch the Yemin series. For this reason, we have prepared an article for you that contains the answers to the questions you are looking for.

The Promise (Yemin) series, which is a Channel 7 series, continues to be watched with interest all over the world. The actors of the series are also curious for this reason. One of those players is Ahmet Ömer Akıner. The little actress plays the character of ‘Yiğit Tarhun’ in the TV series Yemin (The Promise).

He was born on September 4, 2015. Hande Aytar is registered with the management agency and takes part in various projects. To date, he has been involved in the advertising of such important brands as Yapı Kredi, Axa Sigorta, LCW. He also took part in the cast of the TV series Uysallar.

He is from the sign of Virgo. he is 1.30 meters tall and weighs 35 kilograms. Instagram has an Instagram account managed by his family on the platform. At the time of this writing, he has 1,890 followers on his account. Ahmet Ömer Akıner's number of followers is increasing every day. As the oath series continues to be broadcast in many countries, it is expected that this increase will continue in the coming days.

Instagram Address ahmetomer_akiner


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