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 Who are the Yalancılar Ve Mumları players? Which actors are in the entire cast? What are the characters and their names in the series? From which series was the series Yalancılar Ve Mumları adapted? Adaptation? What is its original name? On what day, on what channel and at what time is it broadcast?

The Topic Of Yalancılar Ve Mumları

Is The Series Adaptation Of Yalancılar Ve Mumları?

We have prepared a series of analysis articles with answers to the above questions for you. So you will be able to access all the information you are looking for in detail and easily. The official Instagram address of the series and the 1st for the kidnappers. we have also added the section link to our article. Also 2. A new trailer for the episode has also been released. You can also find the link to this video in our article.

The new series “Yalancılar Ve Mumları”, produced by MEDYAPIM, directed by Merve Girgin and written by Nermin Yıldırım, continues to be watched with interest. The BBC production, which has received great acclaim abroad, “Liars and Their Candles”, an adaptation of the series “Mistresses”, is also notable for its cast. The overall story of the series is as follows;

In the series, Elif (Ceren Moray) has lost her husband in a boating accident and is still unable to accept this loss. Missed incoming calls probably make her think that her husband is alive. Alif's closest friends Ceyda (eLchin Sangu), Meliha (Dawn Pekdemir) and Shebnem (Burcu Shadedar) support Elif. Ceyda is a woman who does not like to be attached to someone, prefers to live freely. Meliha is a successful psychiatrist. White-collar Shabnem, on the other hand, has problems with her husband. The facts in the lives of these four women are completely different from what they thought…

On What Day And On What Channel Are Yalancılar Ve Mumları?

“Yalancılar Ve Mumları” airs Sunday evenings at 20:00 on FOX.

Yalancılar Ve Mumları Actors And Characters They Portray


A woman in early 30s. She lost her parents in a car accident at a very young age, her husband Engin in a shipwreck two years ago. A young woman who lives alone with her daughter Tern. He runs a small cafe. After the accident, her body could not be found, she could not say goodbye to her husband, she could not mourn because she could not put him in a grave. Along with the 2 million pounds from her husband's life insurance, her trauma about his loss was triggered and she often began to see her husband in her dreams. And the occasional silent phone call has decayed his mind. What keeps him going is his daughter, whom he loves more than anything, and his 3 girlfriends, who take care of him like a family.

Who is Ceren Moray?

Born in Istanbul in 1985, Ceren Moray started her acting education at the Pera Academy of Fine Arts in 1998 with workshops at the Theater Department. He also completed his bachelor's degree at the Department of Theater at Golden Horn University. He also started his Master's degree in Acting at the same university. At the same time, she performed as a contract actress at the Istanbul State Theater.

Serials Starring Ceren Moray

Serseri Aşıklar


Nefes Nefese

Kavak Yelleri

İşler Güçler

O Hayat Benim


Öğretmen(Zeynep) – 2020

Films Starring Ceren Moray

Bir Küçük Eylül Meselesi

Yok Artık

El Değmemiş


she's an attractive woman in her early 30s. He works mainly in a large company engaged in wedding organizations. A single woman who can not build long relationships. She likes to be independent in life and relationships. He's not the type to wait for a guy to pick him up, call him. He is very fond of his father, and his father often goes to him to worry about him, even though he doesn't remember him and doesn't seem to dec what he is telling. He has a dominant and free character. She is sexy, charming and has a sharp intellect. A witty woman who doesn't take life too seriously, likes to hang out with people.

Who is Elçin Sangu?

Elçin Sangu was born on August 13, 1985 in Izmir. She graduated from Mersin University Opera Department.

She studied acting in the theater scene in 2011 and dust “or so it seems” which is the entry point his acting career with the series, “What size she wears love”, “a love story”, “Kurt Seyit and Shura”, “Sajan Capsize”, “love for rent”, “Collision”, “better or worse” series, “Happy Time” Movie TV and Blu broadcast on “Live” took part in the series of the internet.

Elçin Sangu starred in the TV series Love for Rent in 2015 - 2016 with the character Laurel; “Radio Television Journalists Association Media Oscars Awards”, “Ayaklı Gazeta TV Stars Awards”, “MGD 22. Together with the ”Golden Objective Awards“, the ”Best Actress“ award from many Universities, educational and public institutions and the "43. She received the ”Best Actress in a Comedy“ award from the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards.

Elçin Sangu last played the character of ”Narcissus“ in the movie ”Leyla 9 Times" in 2020.


Jacob is smart, kind, can be a knife in his place and is witty depending on the situation. By virtue of his job, he sometimes demonstrates not his own, but the way he behaves in the character that he considers appropriate. Even when he seems to talk a lot, he doesn't actually tell you more than he planned. Jacob's daughter Pelin, who attended the first school, is also a classmate of Elif's daughter Terru. Although the paths of Jacob and Elif will intersect in this way, fate will have other plans for them.

Burcu Gölgedar – Şebnem

he's in his early 30s, with a white collar. In a classic family, she is struggling with her mother, a little shy of her father, trying to get pregnant because her older sister and younger brother, as well as her husband, who has grown up with her, persistently put pressure on her. In fact, she loves her husband, thinks that he is satisfied with her marriage, does not expect much more in life than they have. But she is overwhelmed by the fact that their sex life is focused only on having children and her husband's obsessive attitude ... This discomfort causes her to question her marriage, life and feelings over time…

Who is Burcu Gölgedar?

He was born on December 19, 1989 in Istanbul. After graduating in 2014 at the Department of Press Broadcasting of the Anatolian University, she decided to study acting and graduated from the 2. As a university, he won the Theater Department of Kadir Has University. in 2018, after graduating from DasDas production, Ivanov became an assistant director of the play. Between the Two Dawns, the first feature film of Selman Nacar, in which he starred, will compete at the 202 dec San Sebastian Film Festival.

MELİKE GÜNER – Şerife Çavdarlı

The sheriff is a woman in her mid-30s. He was born in a village of Muğla. And then he met Engin, who was originally from Muğla. The sheriff is not the most fundamentally bad woman. He's just ignorant and desperate. Since the father can not return home, he has nothing else to hold on to in life. That's why the Vastness accepts whatever it wants. His only goal is to return to Muğla as soon as possible and lead a quiet life for three people. As a woman, she is jealous of Elif and dislikes him. This feeling also facilitates the evil he will do. But the outcome of the events will not be as he thought.

Who is Melike Güner?

June 2, 1979, Melike Güner, who is among the Yalancılar Ve Mumları players, was born in Istanbul. Guner graduated from the Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department in 2002 and his first feature film in which he played the title role was the 2011 Fig Jam in the Drama/Romance genre.

The successful actress, who has adapted 12 series, 6 theaters and 2 films into her artistic life, became a 21st actress in 2016 with her stage play “Medet”. Sadri Aşık received the award for the Most Successful Actress of the Year at the Theater and Film Actor Awards.

Films Starring Melike Güner

İncir Reçeli

Serials Starring Melike Güner

Yalancılar ve Mumları / Şerife


Mahallenin Muhtarları

Ekmek Teknesi


Böyle Bitmesin

Doktorlar / Zenan

Awards Received by Melike Güner

21. Sadri Aşık Theater and Cinema Actress Awards Most Successful Actress of the Year Award (MEDET)

Şafak Pekdemir – Meliha


June 19, 1988 Şafak Pekdemir, who is among the Yalancılar Ve Mumları  players, was born in Istanbul. Dec 19, 1988, he was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from the Acting Department of Beykent University Faculty of Fine Arts. in 2009, it was watched at the Bakırköy Municipality Theaters with the Reverse World Theater. after starring in the drama War and Peace in 2010, she played the character of Aslı Demircan in the TV series Doubt in 2011. in 2012, she starred in the TV series Majnun with Leyla and played the character of April. After this series, in 2014, she became the lead actress with Halil Sezai in the film Fig Jam 2.

Serials Starring Şafak Pekdemir

Yasak Elma / Zehra / 2018

Asla Vazgeçmem / İclal / 2015-2016

Leyla ile Mecnun / Nisan / 2012

Şüphe / Aslı / 2011

Türk Malı / Zehra / 2010

Films Starring Şafak Pekdemir

Deli Aşk / Zeynep / 2017

İncir Reçeli 2 / Gizem / 2014

İsmail Demirci – Engin

Who is İsmail Demirci?

November 13, 1984 İsmail Demirci, who opened his eyes to the world in Ankara and was among the Liars and Candle players, received his bachelor's degree from the dec department of Anadolu University state conservatory in 2009. İsmail Demirci, who started his acting life by acting in movies and TV series, has mentioned himself many times with his good looks and acting abilities. Many series lovers know the famous actor Ismail Demirci with the character Erkan in the Ambush series of the Valley of Wolves, while there are many series, the North Star knows the famous actor Ismail Demirci with the Northern character in the first love series. İsmail Demirci, who is well known to many series lovers, will meet his lovers this season by giving life to his vast character in the series Liars and Candles, which will start as the new series of the new season of FOX TV screens. The famous actress, who has signed successful jobs in many series and films in which she has played, is also expected to demonstrate her successful acting skills in the series Liars and Candles.

Serials and Films Starring İsmail Demirci

Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk (Kuzey Mollaoğlu)
Çarpışma (Galip) 2018
Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi (Şehzade Orhan) (2018)
Babamın Günahları (2018) (Reha)
Babaların Babası (2016) (Berk Çetin)
Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem (Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Paşa) 2016-2017
Fabrika Kızı (dizi)(Ferhat) 2015
Serçe Sarayı 2015 (Ramazan)
Tut Sözünü 2014
Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu(Erkan) 2012-2013
Ben Onu Çok Sevdim (Avukat Talat) 2013-2014
Mor Menekşeler (Harun) 2012
Anneler ile Kızları (Sedat) 2011
Sessiz Gece
Türkan(Asistan Doktor Mehmet)
İki Aile

İlker Kızmaz – HASAN


İlker Kızmaz, who is among the Yalancılar Ve Mumları players, was born on September 9, 1975 in Izmir. He graduated from Anadolu University Business School. in 2004, she went to Istanbul and studied acting at the Ekol Drama Art House, and then at Bahçeşehir University.

He lived in the array named Asli and Kerem yilindae 2002 published his first acting experience, and then mum and Ilker Candan OTE gets angry in the series involved; Breath:for God and country, Seven beautiful man, Gültepe my name, Sweet Revenge, Escape, Bro, Çanakkale 1915, February, Gültepe my name is, seven good man, Love in the wing of the bird, has been involved in projects such as the capital of Abdülhamid II.

Nehaf: She married Aslı Türkel, whom she met during the filming of Vatan Sağlosun, on June 16, 2014. The daughter of the couple Kızmaz, whom they named Naz, was born on October 1, 2016.

He gave life to the character of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the series Either Death or Istiklal, which was recently broadcast on the TRT 1 screens. Ilker Kızmaz is 1.80 meters tall, 76 pounds and Virgo.

Yalancılar Ve Mumları 1. Watch The Episode

Yalancılar Ve Mumları 2. Episode New Trailer Viewing Link https://youtu.be/7uOkzEVReeI

Elif, who lost his wife Engin in an accident two years ago, relives his loss with the arrival of his wife's life insurance money. Jacob enters into his life with the Sheriff at this difficult time. So what is their mysterious connection to Engin?
Ceyda, the enemy of long relationships without uniformity and excitement, but also the organizer of the wedding, is devastated when her father, the love of her life, begins to forget her. Who will support Ceyda, who supports everyone, now?
The perfect life of the perfectionist Meliha darkens when the son of a former consultant, Metin, enters her office. What will it cost Meliha to make the only mistake in her life?
Living to make everyone happy, Şebnem's biggest problem lately is not being able to get pregnant and make his wife Hasan happy. Who will Shebnem finally choose for his happiness: his loved ones or himself?
And what will drive these four girlfriends, who are always with each other, to do the most unthinkable thing for each other?

Yalancılar Ve Mumları Official Instagram Address https://www.instagram.com/yvmdizi/

Yalancılar Ve Mumları Official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8K2k1XUI33MitmcSj0e33g


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